12x OG Kush 1000W Grow!

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  1. Hip-hop is the only thing I listen to :). Good song bro!

    As for growing OG Kush, it was actually a very pleasant strain to work with. All I have is 2 fans in there blowing at all times, and right now (which is the time when PM starts to cause a problem), I haven't had a single trace of PM. Also, OG loves its nutes so I've been feeding these motherfuckers almost every day of the grow.

    I know this is an annoying question but now that I'm 3 weeks into Veg, and coming up onto my 4th week into flower, how does my yield look? About 1.5~2 ft for all my plants. The plants have pretty much stopped growing and are just concentrating on budding now!
  2. Looking good, just to let ya know OG is a nute hog and a cal mag whore. Other than that they look good and decent yield for og as the normally yield shitty.
  3. I have my PPM around 1200~ right now, don't really like this Blue Mountain organic stuff I'm using so I'ma just put that on the side. Thinking about switching from Technoflora to DynaGrow... any opinions on that?

    Thanks for all the tips guys! Appreciate it :)
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    Sorry for the lack of update guys... figured there's not as much to show now that we're deeper into the flowering cycle (4 weeks~). How much longer do you guys think I have? I've heard around 75~ days sounds about right?

  5. Can't tell you how much longer I think they look because I don't know but I CAN tell you that they are looking beautiful as fuck!
  6. ogkush...no sooner than 70 days, but it is a narcotic strain, and will still be potent a bit early...make sure you have mostly cloudy with some amber in there and u will be fine. Got a 100x microscope??
  7. I think I will pull at exactly 70 days as that's what I've been reading. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of being glued on the couch for 3 hours after a smoke (OG kush probably wasnt the best strain to choose haha). Looks like I still have a month of flowering left... If it keeps budding at this rate I'm pretty sure I'll hit my goal of 1 oz per plant. :)
  8. Also, when are leaves supposed to start yellowing and falling off?
  9. Leaves start to yellow and fall the last 2 weeks of flower, but not always. Either way don't worry. You should stop feeding 10-14 days before harvest and start flushing.
  10. Dang you filled that tent out! I love the look of those trees. Looking real green in here!
  11. I'm really glad I went with 12 plants and the 3 weeks veg time. I knew it was going to be a tight squeeze but I'm going to have to say it's the perfect amount for my 3 weeks veg time. The plants have pretty much stopped growing and are just budding non-stop.
    Id say you should look to agressively bloom right now and you might want to add some sweetners. SOON will be the time to RIPEN and really pack on the carbs days 50-65 then flush 65-70 and you should be ready to cut days 68-73 depending on TRICHS
  13. I've already switched haha... I think it worked out pretty well since it was a switch to organics and I'm late into flowering. No chemical tastes and organics will make my bud taste sweeeeet.

    Sorry for the lack (more like none... :() of updates, wasn't much to post since not too much change happens during the last few weeks of flowering. Grabbed a few pics, hope you guys enjoy them! :)

  14. Did you actually veg for 3 weeks?
  15. I know they're a little small for 3 weeks :( i think it's because right before flowering I took a 3 day trip. Being that it was my first time using a soil-less mix like ProMix, I didn't know that my medium would dry out so fast and my plants ended up turning yellow and droopy. I pulled off a bunch of fan leaves and they ended up looking hella bald as they do now...
  16. Are you counting flowering days as the day you switched them 12/12 or the day they were clearly chicks?
  17. Ahhh from when I switched on 12/12, there we go! Ma bad..

  18. It's cool, I would say a lot of people count from the day they switch to 12/12 which also makes a lot of people harvest early and not get the increased yield and resin production.
  19. Makes sense, good looking out... looks like I have a few more days to add on :'(.

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