12x OG Kush 1000W Grow!

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  1. you'll get more than an oz a plant av got no doubt! more like 2-3 a plant, the more space you have the bigger the plants will grow, obviously you need to go for a longer vegative stage and top them to get more yeild off them, dont wait till there massive before you top them, start topping as soon as they hit like 6 inches, continue this process over and over and veg them for 6 or 7 weeks, then put them into flower, you'll need alot more room tho if your thinking about doing 12 again but 10 by 10 shud be sufficient but this will boost your yeild to about 10oz a plant dry, havnt delt with og kush before so not 100% on how well it will take to the topping, but you'll no doubt get 6 oz off a plant or you never know it could be more like 15oz just depends on how well you look after the ladies =P good luck anyway mate all the best.

    i have never grown cannabis or even smoked it, all my opinions are strictly fiction and really i havnt got a clue what i'm on about, i just wanna be cool so bad its beyond belief. really am just full of shit! :D :cool:
  2. Let me get some of whatever he's smoking!
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    Haha wow looks like ash has some pretty high hopes. I would say at least an ounce off each plant if everything goes well. A lot of growers try to shoot for 1 gram per watt so if you hit 600 grams that would be 50g on each plant.

    edit: assuming all are females.

    ps. ordered some OG seeds, cant wait for them!
  4. Just checked my babies, they loved the transplant into bigger pots! They got bigger and still green and perky as ever. I've been hearing a lot of bad news with OG when it hits the half way mark into flowering, gotta watch out for mold!
  5. Just got back from the Hydro store, ended up getting a set up for my mother(s)/clones. Gonna get this perpetual grow started!. Ended up going with a Secret Jardin 3x3 with 2 compartments. All my stuff will be here next week!

    Plants are looking bomb, just finished watering them. Realized the reason why they seemed a little light green was because of my HPS light... stoner fail lol. Theyre actually a really nice shade of dark green through out.

  6. ur doing 12 in there shit. are u flowering them small? thats gonna need more space i feel like
  7. They've been in flower for 2 weeks now. There's still space for about 4 more same-sized plants (as they are now) so I think I'll be okay. I'm going to start moving the fans and whatnot outside the room so there's going to be even more space.
  8. What's up dude?

    Nice looking grow so far. Looks like you should have no problem pulling down an oz per plant. Good call on moving to the 3gal pots. Your girls will love the extra space for sure!

    As far as the size of your room goes, I think you'll probably be alright. I would consider trimming off some of the lower buds/leaves from your plants sometime soon. This will help the plants to concentrate all of their energy on the buds that are getting the best light.

    Check out MX Grower for some advice on early flowering and trimming. He gets massive harvests and always does a nice trim one week in flowering. This will also help improve air circulation to avoid the mold issue.

    Also, if you know OG has problems with mold, having at least one oscillating fan in the tent and having proper air exchange will be important for you. Especially with a room that will probably be maxed out for space. Make sure you're letting the soil dry out nicely between feeding/watering too. It will help to make sure that you don't have too much unneeded moisture in the air.

    Good luck man! I'm gonna stick around for this one!!:D:wave:
  9. Thanks for the great ideas/advice man! I really appreciate it. I'm definitely going to trim some of the bottoms off of my plants. I'm going to pick up some more fans soon, I wanna get this set up the proper way!
  10. ya idk about him man, its hard as hell to get 15 oz off outdoors alone..... but im loving your grow and im gonna keep tabs on this. peace
  11. Thanks to Mcgee's advice, I finally got my lazy ass to trim off the bottom. Trimmed them off last night before my dark cycle, hopefully I get some big and dense buds :) Will post pics as soon as lights come back on!
  12. you know the old saying...dont count ur chickens, until they are hatched.
  13. Sorry for the lack of updates! Here's how they look as of today, finally starting to bud and kief up :). Trimming the bottom leaves/buds was a really good idea, now PM should be way less of a problem since I'm throwing another oscillating fan in there too.

  14. real deal baby!! get er done!! top shelf setup...you smoked the pheno before?? or is this a dry run?
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    These were actually just clones purchased at a local dispensary, but I've smoked this stuff before and it's not bad. I doubt mine will even come close to the stuff they put on the shelf, probably all comes from a mother plant with way better genetics anyways lol. Their shit looks EXACTLY like this... maybe even more kief.

  16. Since I'm going to be leaving on a 2 day trip I just went out and bought another fan and threw it in there. Pretty sure the 3 gallon buckets can hold enough water for the next 2 days. Actually kinda excited since when I get back they'll probably look way nicer since we're about to approach the 1/3 mark of her flowering period. :D
  17. Sorry for the lack of update guys, been real busy! After my weekend trip, my plants ended up looking like shit. I cut off a bunch of the dead/yellow fan leaves and this is how they look like now. Surprisingly they have budded up real nice. If anyone can help me figure out what I need to do let me know!


  18. glad they are doin good!!:hello::wave::D
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    I'll be putting my OG seeds into the ground within the next week depending on how that Texas sized hurricane treats us over here on the beast coast.

    edit: idk if you like rap but if you do youll be singing this everyday to your babies:
  20. Yeah man! Looking great, keep it up:cool:. Have you found OGK to be difficult, first time growing it?

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