12x OG Kush 1000W Grow!

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  1. This is my first real grow, picked up 12 clones of OG Kush. Using a 5x5 tent with 1000W MH for veg and 1000W HPS for flower. Using Pro Mix with Technoflora nutes. 3 weeks of veg coming up on 1 week of flowering. How do my plants look so far? They aren't as green as they were when I started vegging, not too sure what the problem is. Any advice is appreciated!

  2. No one likey :(?
  3. I lovey. OG Kush is my overall favorite strain. That feeling right there in the middle of your forehead when you take the days first rip of OG is incomparable to any other strain I've smoked other than a really well grown cheese. Can't wait to see how these turn out. I'm truly jealous.
  4. They look pretty good man. Nice sized tent, I think you still might be a little crowded but you'll be okay, but overall your plants look nice and healthy.
  5. There's a little space on the right, I'm hoping it fills the tent fully since I'm planning on moving the fan out of the tent too. I did some research and found out OGs love nutes so I amped my feeding program to about 1200 PPM. They really do love it haha. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve let me know please, any advice is appreciated!
  6. Damn 1200 so soon! I personally only go to about 800-900 ppm while in veg and up to 1400 in flowering. That makes sense though cause my Buku is a nute hog too and it's og Kush x Burmese
  7. I started with 800-900 PPM in veg too, but since I've started feeding them 1200 PPM since the last few days I went 12/12 they've been growing faster.
  8. Hell yeah man, I wanted to try og Kush first but I went with The Buku
  9. I would love to get my hands on some OG seeds but I don't want to have them sent to my crib so blah.
  10. looking good man,i tend to go low on my ec. as in 1ec through veg and flower till the last weeks where i up it before flush.

    jimmyj,get a po box or a friend with a safe addy.
    i send all my seeds to my house(not where i grow)and i have had no problems.i use attitude.theyve even got guaranteed shipping for a few extra $$$

    best of luck with the grow!
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    Yeah man you shouldn't have any problems ordering them to your house, I'd say it's fairly safe I've never had a problem yet.
  12. Unless you have a huge grow and don't want to attract attention ordering seeds is no problem. Just get a guarantee or something and they'll hide it in a wallet.
  13. My plants are about to be 4 weeks old total (3 weeks veg, 1 week flower), I was wondering if my pots are too small being that they're only 1 gallon. Do you guys think I need to transplant them to bigger pots?
  14. Probably wouldn't hurt to make them a little bigger but make sure you have enough room first because upgrading 12 buckets could quickly run out of room.
  15. Yeah man if possible I'd transfer them to larger pots, the roots need room to grow during flowering, if you can go up to 3 gallon but if not I'd prob just put them in 2 gallon just to give em more root space.
  16. Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it! I was more concerned with stunting/hurting the plants from transplanting them. You guys think it'll be alright? I'm going to either put them in 2/3 gallons after i do some measuring to see how it'll fit.
  17. Nah man you should be good! Happy growing bro.
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    Thank you guys! Sounds good :hello: Going to transplant them into 3 gallon pots, will put in the pots just to make sure. Will also be trying Blue Mountain's nutrients as I've been hearing good things about them. Here's how they look as of today!


    Was also planning on getting a tent for mother plants and clones. What lighting set up would work best? I read florescent will work best for clones but not sure what to do with my mother plant.
  19. Another quick question for you guys, how much do you think I'll yield per plant? They're all in the 3 gallon buckets now, and at about a foot tall. A good amount of my 5 x 5 tent is covered. Would an oz each be wishful thinking?
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    very nice grow, im really looking forward to how these turn out =), and florescents work good because their energy efficient, low heat, and just enough lumen's to get your clones rooted and keep your mother plant alive. and to answer your question yes its possible to yield an ounce off each, maybe even a little more. since you have the room size and the 1000w its a good chance.

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