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  1. #1 Deleted member 756058, Feb 6, 2014
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  2. Well, before all the resin haters, desperate times call for desperate measures. 
    But, powdery resin? You won't have much luck without a screen. I used to try and corner clumps of resin in the corner on my bowls, back in my desperate times. 
  3. Maybe if you have some stems you could block the hole
  4. use your fingers to roll the resin into a bowl. throw that in the bowl and torch it up.

    otherwise it will actually burn much better as a powder. what id do is make a screen by poking a few holes in a piece of tinfoil.
  5. Man don't use tinfoil, just trust me. Do a quick google search and you'll see why.

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  6. yeah, but the fears are overblown imo.

    ive also seen many who say the flame from a bic wont actually get hot enough to burn off the harmful shit, but i care so little ive never looked into it enough to verify that.

    either way, one time isnt going to kill you. quite frankly one drunken bender is likely more harmful even if you got the very worst of it.
  7. While I agree with you that it isn't exactly going to be harmful once, I feel that if you can take a safer approach, why not do so, spare yourself what little damage it may do. Also why not make it common knowledge that it may not KILL or even harm you, but that it does have considerable health concerns when done many times.

    And for the resin smoking, scrounge, you only need one bit of a stem, or a weed crumb, if neither are an option you could always go ghetto and use a washer from a tap or a window screen. Although I'm not sure about either as far as health is concerned.

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  8. Just fkn scrape all that shit and put it in the bottom of the bowl and then torch the fker
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    Where did you get this powdery resin from? When I clean my pipes and smoke the residue, it's usually atleast a little bit oily. If you haven't figured out how to smoke it by now, I would suggest scraping the resin on the inside of the bowl from the top down and cover the hole with that.
  10. best way to do it is to not do it..
  11. I'm with this guy. I've never seen nor heard of powered resin, anyone know what makes the difference?

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  12. how dry it is
  13. Yeah, usually the resin from your bowl is more dry and flaky compared to the resin inside of your pipe, I think because the resin in the bowl is more oxidized, so it dries out.
  14. Iso your pipes oet iso evaporate smoke black nasty resin after

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