125w cfl

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Let-it-grow, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. can a 125w cfl be used to flower a plant? if not, what are some cheap low wattage red spectrum lighting i could get

  2. Is it a true 125w or like 34w equivalent of 125w ?

    I think you are better off getting several lower wattage CFLS so they can be placed around the plant.
  3. its a true 125. its like as fat as a grape fruit and like a foot or longer and looks like a big cfl. my general question is not what i can substitute for what i have, but can what i have be used effectively in flowering, and if not..what are some cheap red spectrum light additions i can get to use with my cfl
  4. I would put it use at the top of the plant with a reflector and add a few additional CFLS along the sides. Just my opinion ...
  5. right on, i have a reflector and its quite close to the plants. i heard cfls have more of a blue spectrum as opposed to the preferred red spectrum for flowering. what is cheap and gives off more of a reddish spectrum?
  6. i agree wit bubbles. u can use 4-5 23W bulbs for around the plant, i got mine from home depot for like $10. good luck bro.
  7. oh yeah and u should b able to get them in both spectrums jus look for 2700K on the side it might b hard to find on the box but its there.
  8. Some brands dont list the spectrum on the package, but for flowering you are looking for soft white or cool white. Bright white or daylight bulbs are around 6500K and used for veg.

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