125W Cfl Cupboard Grow [Pictures] Autoflower

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  1. So hey guys, this is my second grow, original plan was to grow in a pc box, but i thought to myself, if i want to make this worthwhile, i'll need a bit more space than what a pc box will offer me, so i went and got my hands on this cupboard, all wooden construction so i imagine things are gonna be a bit warm,
    tidied things up a bit, That hole is for a 120mm outtake fan
    After leaving my lights on for just over an hour, i was sitting on 24C~ or 75F~ (with the front open, as i haven't wired up my fans yet)
    The width of the box is 0.33m, the length 0.27m and the height is 0.50m, this gives me a volume of 44550cm^3 and a base of 891cm^2 or 0.0891m^2
    and going by 1 Cubic Centimeter = 0.00003531466672 Cubic Feet
    the volume of my entire box is 44550 cubic centimeters = 1.573268401485 cubic foot
    ie. 45000 cubic centimetres or 1.6 cubic feet

  2. this should be good. if you plan to keep her in this box, i implement some lst after 3-4 weeks
  3. My original plan was to grow one plant, but two is a possibility, and i read on the scrog topic that there should be one plant per sq ft, and i've got precisely 0.9612sq ft (i like numbers), opinion on growing two plants in essentially one sq ft with scrog method?
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  5. I'll probably go with lst then, i just read up on scrog and it may not be worth the hassle, my main worry isn't about lighting, it's size, do you think i'll be able to get away with two indica plants lst'd in my space?
  6. Actually, looking at your (amazing looking) plants, i think i'll go with two plants :)
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    yes, you can do it! if anything, hang a light vertically right between both plants, and then one over both plants. make sure its in a box that reflects light.
    if you look at that plant above (paradise acid), i lstd it from the top, right before the stretch (3 weeks), and then i lollipopped it right after the stretch (which is why the bottem of the plant is sparse)
    here is lst vs leaving it alone
    acid, acid #2, mini acid (lol) and then master kush
    acid is paradise seeds verison of diesel
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  8. I've got a 20w 2700k cfl bulb i can put between the two plants once they get up a few inches, pretty hyped now, need to get some ducting to extract the air outside, and i wired up a good gaming 12v pc fan from my old pc to a random 5v 2A power supply i found, it's running okay but could do with some more volts to get some more airflow going.
    Think i'm going to get these seeds "Snowryder" by Short Stuff bred by a guy called STITCH
    Heavy Crystalling is a trade mark of Snowryder, with a taste and smell very similar to Snow White and White Widow, so this strain is sure to please.
    Type: Auto flowering indica hybrid
    Height: 10 to 15 inches
    Harvest: 8 to 10 weeks from seed
    Yield: 18 to 34g per plant
    Effect: heavy indica hit
    Potency: 8/10
    sound good?
  9. Put two fans in, both 120mm, very very quiet unless I turn the fan out taking on max speed (which I'll do for a couple hours a day) air is replaced every 15 seconds, will be making my own carbon filter once I receive some parts, ordered some litmus strips for Ph testing, all I've got to do now is buy some seeds and plant those motherfuckers :D, also I've been spending many hours reading when I can, and I'm pretty certain I will FIM this once the plant is old enough along with LST, I'm pretty excited now

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  10. Just a lil update, i spent a fair amount of hours reading up before i did anything, I went out and bought some Sensi Seeds Auto Northern Lights, I planted these seeds into soil after germing them, not sure exactly what day i germed them, but two of the seeds germed within 2 days, the third hadn't even opened up so i was almost ready to throw that third seed out, anyway, two seeds planted (in a bad pot, wide and shallow) but i hadn't lost hope in that 3rd seed and kept it moist in a little cup with toilet paper, another 2 days pass, i see the seed starting to germ with the thickest taproot i've ever seen and i'm like man this plants gonna be a fucker, so i plant that seed in a cup separate to the others, and another few days pass and the seed in the cup OVERTAKES the other two under the same lighting and soil! 
    anyway it's been 16 days today and i've just topped the third seed and i accidentally killed one of the first two plants, i've taken plenty of pics almost everyday, pics to follow

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