125w 68w cfl or 150 hps

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  1. So I'm growin to test bag seeds under two 13w cfls and there doing good but I have some autos coming and I'm done testing I thank I'm up for the real thing I will be keeping my test plants to see if they turn into fems so I can clone and just keep growing along with my autos I like cfls and prefer to use them but if 150 hps will do better I will get that its only a little more than the 125 cfl and I will just add two more 68w cfls in there if I get a 150 hps that's all I will use for my auto grow what is better and I'm not getting both just let me know your view on both. And I leaning towards cfl more just because of all the benefits I read about power and heat can I get higher yeilds with cfls or hps here's some pics of my setup and plants. I have a plant light added on it seems to help a little let me know what u thank and my plants are starting to grow more leafs at the bottom of each node.
  2. Depending on your setup and ventilation I'd say go with the HPS you'll get much more penetration than just cfl and like you said you can always use supplemental cfl's too.
  3. Here's pics

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    If I use hps I'm not using anything but hps and I'm going to buy a grow tent. Would cfls be better if I'm using 125 w and two 68w cfls or would an hps still be better.
  5. DOES anyone have experience with Kaya47 and Biodiesel mass auto fems because that's what I'm going to start growing after I get my shipment.
  6. I would say go with flourescent lighting (CFL) for anything under 250w HPS in your case 150w.

    People underestimate a good scrog and well positioned CFL.
  7. To tell you the truth I think with those types of wattage I think it is a matter of preference. The reason I say this is I have seen alot of cfl grows that yield nicely when the grower has everything dialed in. So they would definitely tell you cfl is just as good. Whereas alot of those with HPS and especially those with a tent will tell you getting it dialed in seems to be alot easier and quicker to do.

    Personally when I was researching for my setup I started with cfl's and a pc box, however before I even started anything in it I took the plunge and bought a tent. A week later I got my 400, fan and filter, and started rollin. I am honestly glad I went that route. I have had a great run thus far and love the environmental control I get with the tent. So for my 2 pennies if your thinking bout the tent and HPS I'd say go for it! Just remember to throw a journal up for all of us to enjoy the journey with you.
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    So I should use my 3 cfls what if I put 1 under the plant instead of scroging it they are autos I don't want to stress them they only live about 60 to 80 days and grow small if I put two 68w cfls under both plants and 125 at the top will that help out more than a scrog I don't care how big they grow there autos so they wont grow that big as long as I get a ounce or more off both.
  9. Don't put bulbs "under" your plants. On top and the sides are best. If you have two 68W actual wattage bulbs and a 125W actual watt you can definitely pull an ounce per plant. Of course thats if you do things right and such. That goes with any light source though, because lighting is only one of many factors.
  10. Wait....you use 2 13w cfl's on those?? Holy sh*t they're big for that amount of light how long have you been vegging them?
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    Well that's the answer I was looking for lighting and space is whats in my way now as u can see I used two 13 Watt bulbs on the plants in the pics so imagine if I had 125w and two 68w bulbs I'm going to do some damage. Thanks that the answer and motivation I was looking for 1 more question should I use 2 gallon buckets or 3 for my autos I was going to use three that way they wont out grow them fast and no transplanting is the gole for my autos.
  12. No transplanting is kind of a poor goal, no offense. Transplanting makes much better root balls. If you start with a small cup the roots build up, then you move them to the new pot, and they spread out again, and so on. When you put them directly into a 2 or 3 gallon pot the roots tend to end up going down and wasting a lot of your soil higher up.

    I'd go with two gallon buckets though if space is an issue.

    Here is what my 4x plants look like under a 156 watt cfl light at 27 days old.

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    Well I'm growing autos and if u stress autos it takes critical time away they only live so long and flower by there selfs so u have no room to stun them witch means no transplanting u put them in the pot that they will start and finish in so your yeild wont decrease.
  14. My mistake, I read up on autos a bit more and yeah, you're probably better off not transplanting them. I suppose with autos they're going to be pretty small anyways, so a 2-3 gallon would probably suit them fine. I'd go with the 3 gallon if you have the space.

    Good luck with the grow man. :wave:
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    Thanks for all the help and I have two bag seeds that are in veg and I wanted to keep them as mother plants well lets hope they are females one grows short and the other is about half foot tall I thank 1 is sativa and 1 has some indica/sativa but I was wondering should I just put these in 1 gal pots to keep so I can practice cloning because while I'm growing autos I want to buy a none auto plant like some kind of kush or diesel fem to just keep cloning and I will run a grow tent with 12/12 also with a two to 3 clones at a time in a 2 gal pot just so I can keep a nice supply.

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