125 w cfl frow how is she

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    im using a 125 watt cfl i have 2 but need a better ventilation system bfore i turn the other one on but heres what i got fr now my other girls arent standing so proud right now but im taking care of it this one just took off im luck shes alive i accidently shot her with like 500 ppms of grow big but no more ferts till shes older too close for comfort on that one but hows it lookin?

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  2. :wave: Looks groovy for now :D

    I use those big CFL's for veg too but I find they work better Horizontal and you can fit a reflector then :wave:

    Good luck
  3. im wondering how hot those 125w bulbs get .. do they get super hot ?
    and do they screw right into a normal house lightbulb socket?
  4. They have a bigger fitting, I forget whats its called.

    My 125w ones don't get that hot at all but the 200w is hot my my small cab :wave:

  5. mogul base im guessing

    the 105w ones dont need a bigger base, id rather lose 20w than buy a bigger base socket

    but they dont get that hot ?
    i have a 400w HPS, and its pretty hot lol, the ballast is encased with the bulb/reflector
    its a hydrofarm type deal

    it gets super hot in my closet, but i keep it cool.
    im looking to expand my closet, center the 400w, and add a few 105w cfl's in so i can have 2-4 extra plants (hopefully)

  6. they get warm on tubes 6u and hot on the top of bulb

    but it cant overheat the plants its a CFL not HPS
  7. :wave: High there , yes mogul is what I meant :eek: Im high :D.

    I also forgot that the smaller CFL's don't need them, Im high :eek:

    Anyway I find the 125w ones stay fairly cool but the bigger ones run hot. I also run a 600w HPS for flowering and without a cooltube that thing takes some cooling.

    Here is my 200w CFL ghetto hanging over my old veggy area :smoking:

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  8. how mutch did u pay for it?
    i think 200w cfl is to expensive =/
  9. They get almost to hott to touch but one thing I did so that I could get the bulbs about 3/4 of an inch away is I blow a small fan right across the top of my plants and at the bottom of my bulb then it stay cool enough to reach up and grab ahold of the thing and it won't burn u at all I just have two 4 inch fans cut into my back wall of my cabinet and my cab never goes above 78 thos r just temporary till I get myself a way better fan then I can run both lights and I'm probably going to grab a 400 watt hps mh changeable ballast and everything when I flower and probably a 200 watt cfl for supplemental
  10. It was expensive :eek: I have the 200 and 2 x 125's. The T5's and MH are better but these were in stock. I like them now :wave:

    Sounds groovy :wave: I already run lots of fans and fresh air in.

    Good luck
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    yes i know but i found in my country one big store sells 105w huge bulb cfl

    only 18.98euros

    and 85w cfl 12 euros the one i bought and the one i have got to my plants

    i will buy soon more 2

    one 105w and 85w cfl

    check my grow guys and sub ;)
  12. My 125W CFL doesn't get hot at all. I can touch it no problem.

  13. how old r they? =)

    check my GRow and sub ^^,
  14. they were 16 days old at the time i start the count from the time i put them in the soil and i did it on the first of may to make it easy to keep track of incase i get to busy for a couple days an cant log everything in my notebook there 20 days old now its insane how fast these things grow there getting so big im excited to see how big they get in the next couple weeks i think its about time to transplant them into bigger pots i just didnt want them in 3 gallon pots to soon its harder too keep the water under control.... if u guys see anything i can approve on plz let me know its my first grow so im far from a pro i wanna learn everything i can about my hobby thx guys keep checking back i have more pics and updates to come

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