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$125 for a half ounce?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joedahoe, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Danky dank.
    It is good weed. Me and him and his girl are all cool and smoke together. Good buy for 125 or nahh?
  2. i usually get a quad for 100 so yah good deal
  3. depends on locationnn ..
  4. not really a good deal, 105-115 is whats good in Ontario.

  5. You live in Florida right that's a great deal than.
  6. Ya I'm in florida
  7. not for dank......
    more like $140 which is the avg. price for a half of dank

    EDIT: which part of Ontario? -> north/easth/south/west?

  8. South, then again; my dealer is my boy... :mad:

  9. Yeah get it for sure.

  10. Boca Raton Whats UP!
  11. i pay $50 for a half o of nice ass mids, seems like a good deal for dank i pay 100 a q for dank
  12. good deal homie.

    swoop on that.
  13. Ya good deal, I pay $180 for a real dank half o
  14. Yee im from Fl and a half o would cost me around 145-150, so i do it.
  15. Damn nice. Alright I'll jump on datt
  16. Damn half os are 160 to 180 roughly around here...
  17. Lame half o is 200 to 240 around here no joke
  18. Sounds good where I'm from. Thats how much a quarter costs here.

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