125-150 price range for a decent bong

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  1. Me and my good real life friend Lanqe13 are splitting the cost for our first bong. We are wondering if you guys could help us pick out a nice one. We just want a strait tube with a diffused down stem and a nice bowl. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. :gc_rocks:
  2. On that budget your best bet is a sheldon black 14 inch. Beaker or straight is up to you guys, its about preference.

    I've owned one and loved it.
  3. *** bruh.

    i just got done going through the site.

    they got some HVY for your price range.

    5mm thick..12-18 inches.

    you can probably add an alex k diffuser.

    just add a couple more dollars.
  4. I am getting a sheldon black straight tube 19" Tuesday for 140 and it come with a great 16 hole peirced down stem
  5. from where?
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    Check out GMD there's an appreciation thread on this forum for them. I'd have to say probably one of the best options around for a tube less than 150.

  8. Jungle room
    Birmingham mi
  9. Thirded, I actually got 2 for 1 because my first one broke but I glued it :D
    I like the downstem set up this has, if u want a smoother smoke use both downstems, if you want super low drag use an 18mm bowl with just the large downstem. Both downstems are great and also the ice pinch bowl is really nice too, and freaking huge.

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