122,098 text????wow

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  1. I just got my sons, 18 yr old, i phone bill. How the hell do u text 122,098 times in 31 days?????

    i knew he stayed on that thing, but gd.

    think i should take it away and watch him twitch?

    anyone else do this?
  2. wow. in all honesty, i sell cell phones for a living. from time to time i do bill analysis for customers. i dont think ive ever seen that.
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    maybe he was signed onto aim & sending/receiving messages count as 1 each

  4. i was thinking to that he is normally on Myspace iming folks too?

    its wrote on the bill amount of text.....

    he'ld go nutz w/o it aye? iv caught myself texting him, and getting him to use it at odd times, butt 122 thousand text in a month.....need to enter him in thumb fighting?
    oh well....what ya goinng 2do? he earns it.....hes a good 18 yr old i guess. no leo calling yet....lol, so text away...:smoking:
  5. woooooow, u should ask him whats up. thats alot of textx
  6. iv been slowly coming to that realization granddaddypurps.....he does no drugs. i mean he knows i smoke/grow and he knows ill get him anything he wants, so i m not worried about that. i think he is just a very confused teen. hes metrosexual if not homosexual.....i can say that here because no 1 knows me, but i cant tell. i refuse to ask. i think that would be bad. iv told him over and over that i just wanthim happy no matter what. he visited me in prison as he was a kid. i know that didnt help. i cant change the past. just hope and work for a brighter future.

    man i feel like shit over this now....crap:(
  7. thats 2.75 texts a minute.. for the entire month
    Haha thats really funny if its true, but that just doesnt pan out. You might want to call at&t and ask them why they fucked up so badly.
    When using the "aim" app, or myspace or whatever, its using the included data plan, not sms, so I'd think it wouldn't ring up as a text?
    Please tell me you had unlimited texting previous to this tho! that bill would clean you out!
  8. Cheer up OP. Don't be sad...No use in connecting what has happened to what is happening, yanno? It is what it is, I think if he had a problem with you it would already be known. Def. get him to chill on the texts tho...Lol...Those things add up quick!!
  9. I am a text a holic and outgoing and incoming combined I do about 12,000 - 14,000. But I have a pocket PC and rig it up to AIM too.
  10. i hope you have an unlimited text plan.

    but like someone above me said 2.75 a minute. call your wireless provider.
    also i text, but ive never gone over 100 a month, 100,000. holy shit.

    if this is true, watch out for that carpel tunnel.
  11. daaaaaaamnnnn.....

    thats a lot of texting. I used to work at a cell phone store... and thats alot... He would prlly die if you took that away......
  12. its not bad to ask... unless his answer can make you beat his ass or kick him out. If you love your son like its seems that you do.... then its prolly not a big deal. But if you are supportive no matter what, but don't wanna jump to conclusions you can make it known to him (if he doesn't already know) that you are okay with that kind of thing. Lots of young homos don't tell the 'rents cause they are scared of the reaction... myself included for a while. One day my mom just decided to tell me she was pretty sure I was gay... and that she had been since I was 5.........

    Good luck.
  13. My girlfriend is always on her phone and she only manages about 5000 per month,
    so Im not too sure about that being correct. You might want to call your service provider.
  14. 100k is a shit load

    i have unlimited texts and i usually average around 20 k or so

    you should ask him whats with all teh texts(if you have unlimited texts then just ask and let him know so taht ur curious, if u dont have unlimited then ask him to cut it down)
  15. I have a coworker that did 28k in a month, but 100K... DAMN
  16. ok let me think......................................thats 2.74 texts a minute!!

    dam some one beat me to it
  17. Just go up to him and ask him how he managed to do over 100k texts in a month, if you have unlimited texts I would ask him and just laugh about it, if you dont have unlimited, I would have a serious talk with him haha. That has to be some kind of world record.
  18. Don't forget that it's incoming and outgoing texts, so it's really like 1.37 txts a min. on his end. Let's say on average he sleeps 8 hours a day, so then it's more like 2.05 txts a min. Being an avid texter myself (although no where near that bad. . .,) I've had conversations with people spewing out constant texts somewhat at a rate of 10/min.

    I'm guessing he also texts everyone in his phonebook too?

  19. Lol...what if the number is so high because he accidentally sends his texts to everyone in his phone book, not just the intended recipient...I imagine that would create some awkward situations.
  20. unlimited is what he has.

    i was off by one 2. its 102, 098. still thats mad. he hardly sleeps. hes 18 and just grad hs last june, so sleep isnt on his list of top priorities.
    he does however have a job n is looking to start college in winter or take on an apprinticship in my line of work. (music industry)
    i dont care if my son is a flaming drag queen hooker. i will always be his dad and love him. i help him all i can and just want to c him do well and be happy.

    i talked w/him about the text. he said he was just talkin and brought up some texting contest? said he could win $$. I thought to myself, c u can do anything now adays for money....

    oh his mom is a bible thumper, so this might explain a lot. im a die hard religion basher and all around imaginary friend free. except on acid.:smoke:

    thanx for the posts guys and gals... it really helps.:wave:

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