120W of led for $40?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by snoopunit, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. this company seems to have appeared out of nowhere with an (unfortunately blurple) led that boasts 120w at the wall at half the price for similar fixtures from other companies.

    i already have 2 similar lights that are full spectrum, but i m ssfe to double my lighting capacity for my next grow. should i try them out?
  2. i say 'let the buyer beware' ,,,,,,but at that price it is a bit low ,,,,of course if you got money and dont mind if it turns out a bad buy ok try it ,,,and report back how it went ...mac.
  3. take the $40 and send it to me. I, at least , will send you a thank you card. This buy screams out that you will have nothing to show for your purchase ---except a small boat anchor soon.
  4. No link? That's no fun. $1 an actual watt for top end tech is about as cheap as you can get in LED. If it's cheaper then that you should be suspicious.
  5. Lol the only review for the light is some bullshit review praising it and then all the questions asked about the product are answered by the company no buyers. It's just a gamble... let me know if it's actually good if you buy it... I'd be weary though.. definitely recommend testing the power from the wall yourself when you buy it.

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  6. Yeah I saw that too, also saw that they don't recommend running it for longer than 16 hours lol
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  7. What is funny is when a light is really the shit like some of the cobs when they first came around or the quantum boards you don't find them by wandering the backwaters of alibaba. You hear about them on forums from other users way before you usually stumble on them yourself on a for sale page. The best stuff never ends up to be some obscure half price deal nobody knew about. The best stuff hardly requires any advertising because everyone is talking about it.

    That talk aways starts with the first person trying one out. You could throw your $40 if you want to.
  8. I'm curious as to why the 600W model is listed at 135 bucks... the normal price for a cheap "600W" blurple yet the 300 is a quarter of the price lol I don't even see an actual watt listing on the 600W model

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  9. thats the first thing i noticed too, which is why i contacted the seller asking of it really used 120w for so cheap and all they said was, "yes". although i did notice the bloomgrow seller has it listed at 79$ while the other seller has only like 11 reviews but all 100%.

    I shoukd prly just save for some QBs, but theyre like never in stock. >_>
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  10. They have a 4K board in stock that only needs a driver purchased elsewhere to work... tbone been posting it around. Around 55 bucks in total for a 60W light... (very efficient light though) at the least you could buy it use it until the qb135 kit is in stock and then just use it as a low watt kickass veg light and use the 135's as flower lights... or use a mixture of both

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  11. yea ive been trying to find the drivers, but nobody on the lighting forum ever seems to answer. i was thinking of getting a triple board and adding qbs 1 by 1 as i save up for them but i have no idea if one driver can power them all. ive watched the growmau5 videos on the math to find drivers, but its too confusing for me still. maybe ill hit up realstyles or tbone on pm

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  12. Yeah definitely ask @Tbone Shuffle I know he bought some drivers and posted links to a couple that were affordable.

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  13. damn, all the slates i was looking at are sold out. will a 4x fit in a 3x3 tent?

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