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    Since my first post i have setup a new lighting system
    Here are some photos of it. The light is about 1 inch away from the plants and it is a 18w energy saver it is normal white and is a equivalent to a 120w light.




    I put my hand right where the plants are and my hand did not feel any heat at all from the light at 1 inch so i guess that will be fine.

    My question is will my plants be ok under this light until i can pick up a growlux tube?

    I am planning to use a growlux tube for the veg state and then the normal tube for flowering.
    I leave this light on for 18 hours a day then give it 6 hours of darkness
    On the seed packed it says that my top 44 takes 7 weeks to grow
    and the lowryder takes 6 weeks. Will they take longer on my 120w light.

    The temperature in the room is always kept at 70F but some times it drops down to 65F
    I have a large fan i put in which i turn on once a day to let fresh air in too the room.
    For Co2 i give them carbonated spring water.

    nutrients are already in the soil and there is enough to last the plant 6 weeks. It said on the soil that its safe to grow herbs in so i figured it safe to grow my MJ herb in lol.

    My other question is how much water should i be giving them? and ow often do you water?.

    Last question. Will my plants have a very good crop growing under my current light system?. Its cheap and cheerful but once the growlux is on there i think it might be ok.
  2. Soil looks not best...and how old are they?
  3. Try to only water the plants when the soil gets to be about 75% dry on the top.
  4. 8 days old. The soil is good quality stuff. Full of nutrients was not cheap at all.
    Its the plants first day under my new light. They stretched when i used CFL,S or sunlight.
    So i got the tube today.

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