120v,240v ?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bubblegum_man20, May 2, 2003.

  1. Does it save money to run your lights off a higher voltage like 240v vs 120v any input please THXS
  2. sorry.. i have no idea... i just know that all we use in the states is 120v
  3. I'm in the states also but trying to keep my power bill within "normal" limits i have already replaced all my lights in the house with fluorescent bulbs to help off set my mh and hps lights i'm running a 400watt mh on 240v but my hps lights dont have 240v taps on the ballist so they run on 120v i just wondering if running them on 240v is cheaper i would rather spend more money than have a large power bill i've heard that all it take for "them" to catch me heheheee
  4. sorry... not really sure... my power bill only went up about $8 /mo after i started growing... that's with about 600 watt total though... well worth it
  5. My bill is normaly high with a family of 10 people the bill runs about 70 a month in the summer before i hooked up the lights
  6. took electronics and im tanking digital now so from what i was told: For high currents your better off with a bigher voltage because the 110 looses more push (more resistance) through the wires and your paying to heat up the wires from the "friction".

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