1200w room with no oddor help? design inside

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  1. so i was thinking if its possible to make a room like that with no leaks of odor over the dead zone or the window... u think its possible..? i would be putting some plastic bag and taped all around the window would this be enought?
    also theres a plastic i will be taping to the walls outside the door with another odor extractor, the door will be open just a little bit to let some "air circulation".

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  2. Is the odor control in the dead zone necessary? I would think if the room was sealed pretty well, you could get away with just basic ventilation if you smoke in and around your house.

    Instead of a plastic bag some of those heavy plastic strips like they use at that grocery story to go back to the warehouse area would be cool.
  3. there are 2 odor extractors inside the room and one over the kitchen with the ducting between the plastic and the door, the dead zone is were the smell shouldnt be
  4. Are you planning to keep both doors open most of the time? I would close them, and add an intake port for fresh air if needed. I would also put the outside carbon filter intake outside of the plastic in that little walk through room.

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