1200w Organic Lavender Soil, and Soilless/Hydro; Lst, and Crop

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  1. Well the title really does say it all. My previous grow is in my sig, for those who haven't seen it already... here's a taste of last time:

    And here's a look at another medical grow:
    Nutes are Auroa Innovation, a bit of everything, and some Black Strap Molasses.

    and the room:

    So it's a lumatek, and a nextgen, both 600w, Urishimo HIDs, HPS on the left and MH on the right.
    Under HPS:
    3 plants in soiless eb and flow Hydro super cropped, 1 WaterFarm hydro DWC Bubble bucket thing-supercropped.
    Under MH:
    3 Auroa Innovations soil 5gl-7gl pots, 1 LST'd, 1 cropped, 1 pinched, and 3 more soil 2gl-3gl pots that are about 2 months younger, just transplanted.
    They'll be in 12/12 sometime in the indefinite future.
    That's it for now, i guess.
  2. Forgot to mention a couple things, and a small update.
    They are in veg for 2 and a half months now, planning to go longer, it will be huge.
    Did a small amount of cropping and lst'ing today, slowly bringing the lights up. Thankfully everything's staying low.
  3. damn man you are working with some serious wattage... its out of my league, but great setup and your plants look super healthy..

    good luck man ill stick around!

  4. Thanks, I'll get a quick shot of them tomorrow for an update, but overall they're growing like weeds. I accidentally broke my first branch today on my LST, after not breaking one all last grow. No worries though, it seems to have not affected it too badly, seems it'll recoop.
    Probably going to 12/12 in a week or two.

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