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1200w Multi Strain continuous Grow, Gotta love weed right?

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Big_Jay, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hey GC

    Gonna start another journal seeing as theres alot running here :D

    Gonna jump straight into it, its a continuous grow, with between 6-8 plants flowering at one point under 1200ws, vegging between 8-12 plants depending how many fem seeds and regular seeds germed :) always aim for 6-8 fems in flowering.

    Heres a couple pics from the previous grow that was done, this consited of sweet seeds green poison (3 of them) and dutch passion blueberry (1 of them which hermed).

    heres some pics! the first is the green poison at 5 weeks, ans it finished bang on the 7 weeks it said it would. and second is a full tent :)

    Green poison

    full tent

    This was an epic plant, got 3 of these going in hydro atm to ;) them pics will be added later at some point.

    On to the current grow though

    400w hps
    6 inch outake
    passive intake
    11 litre pots
    3 weeks old
    bio bizz grow for nutes

    2 x 600w hps
    2 x 6 inch outake
    2 x carbon filters
    passive intake
    4inch inlane fan
    Bio bizz bloom
    Over drive

    Current flowering strains
    3 x Sweet Seeds Mohan ram
    1 x White label white skunk
    1 x Jack Herer (nicknamed jack parsons :D)
    1 x Cali connections Chem 3og Cutting

    Mohan Ram 1

    Mohan Ram 2

    Mohan Ram 3

    Jack Parsons


    Not showing the white skunk, not up to par or like the rest :p:eek:

    Group Shot


    2 x Iced Grapefruit
    3 x cream caramel
    2 x Querkle Regs
    3 x Blue Cheese
    1 x Dinafem diesel

    2 of the Mohan ram are getting the start of a 2 weeks flush, and everything else is having an extra week before they get a flush :)

    any questions, just ask!

    Enjoy :)
  2. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: :wave:

    Dude you got buds :poke::poke::poke:Somebody had better come over for a smoke :devious::D:p

    Looking real good dude, some proper strains in there and youknow we are a big fan of Sweet seeds :D

    Whats up with the White Skunk? Thats from White Label and there stuff is usually great.

    MMM Sweetseeds :smoke:
  3. Dude this week of course ;) name a day and ill bring the bud lol provide the brews and life will be bliss ;)

    and sweet seeds are amazing! that green poison cola is unreal!! it just beated out bud at a fast rate! its so fast, looks a heavy feed and finishs in 7 weeks! deffo running them again ;) got 3 of them in hydro so itll be a good smoke once again!

    SAD next tho! for sure! we scoped out the trichs and found them all at like 90ish% cloudy, few clear but the next 2 weeks will give em chance to mature :D

    Flush started today ^^ chong party when buds in tho ;) warm up the roor :p
  4. :hello: Harvest party, I'll fire up the RooR and the kettle :D

    That Green Poison is the most potent indica buzz I'va had from femmed beans, Bluecheese from Barney's would go well with it. They both potent as fook and finish fast, I'd run that Grapefruit again too, hope the Iced Grapefruit does well for you.

    I can't believe you got buds :poke: Im well jealous, Im not gonna tell you my favorite breeders next time :p:smoke:
  5. Well at least you didn't abandon your journal this time :rolleyes::smoke:
  6. hey what did your white skunk yeild? im growing 4 of them under 600w hps, going to either use the bio bizz nutes i have right now(grow and bloom) or buy some new ones what do you think?

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