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1200W Kush, God Bud and White Widow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by joer1980, May 6, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Im going to start sharing my grow on here with Everyone. I'll list the details of my grow below:

    I have 3 tents:
    1 Veg Tent (4'x 2'x 6.5'') Ebb and Flow with T5 Blue Flourescents
    2 Flower Tents (Each 3' x 3' x 6.5') Ebb and Flow with 800W in one and 1000W in Other

    Nutrients: (House and Garden)
    Aqua Flakes A & B
    Roots Excelurator
    Bud XL
    Shooting Powder

    I use Root Riot cubes in Grow Rocks

    Strains in this grow:
    Veg Tent: I have BC God Bud, Kush and White Widow under the T5

    800W Flower Tent: I have a topped White Widow and a Bag Seed clone in there now.

    This is my first time trying the multiple topping technique. I top the plant when the very first node grows and repeat that about 6 times. I was hoping to end up with many tops. So far as you can see in the pictures, its seems that it was successful.

    Both of these tents are in their 4th weeks.

    If this technique works well I will be using it on my Female Pineapple Express and NLxHaze seeds.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Happy Growing!!!

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  2. I need some help guys. I have a few questions.

    1.) If im trying for fast turnaround times, which method would be best for me for good yields (but quick)?

    2.) Should I do a scrog?

    3.) How long should I veg for after topping before putting into flower?

    Last question and Im sorry if they're dumb Im just a newbie.

    4.) Should I use Bud Candy?

    Thank You so much for answers :smoke:
  3. Does any experienced growers have any advice for me?
  4. Heres a nice pic update of the Topped White Widow and the Vegging Widow, Kush and God Bud.

    Both tents are coming to the end of week 5. A few clones were taken from each female from the Veg tent.

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  5. More Pics

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    I'm no experienced grower but I like your setup and the genetics. subscribed! I'm going to be starting my WW seeds tomorrow. What seed bank did you get them from?
  7. Thx alot. I appreciate that. All comments are welcomed!!
  8. I got these Widow seeds from buydutchseeds

    My God Bud and Kush were from BCBudDepot

    My Pineapple Express and Northern Lights are from Attitude. (Best Service)
  9. How do the new pics look? Anything look wrong?
  10. Ooh, very lovely! I'll follow this for sure! If you want to see how my grow is going, check the link in my sig. Thanks, and rep plus.
  11. I cant beilieve how crazy everything is growing. Nice and healthy!! Cant wait until harvest time for Widow!!!
  12. Crappy picture update from my phone. I will take plenty of pics Sunday when I go over to add Shooting Powder. 9 other females will be put into flower under a SCROG net and rooted clones will be placed under T5.

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  13. Couldnt live with myself after the last update. Here's some pics of one of the widow females. She's beautiful!!

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  14. Hey man, i like your grow. pullin up a chair.
    It looks like you know what you're doing, as far as maximizing yield goes i would definitely go with a combo of LST and topping. I also like to use as little nutes in flowering as needed to preserve taste.

    i'm excited to see the god bud.
  15. Thanks dude. Yes I topped this girl from the very first node and topped her about six times after. Multiple tops = More Bud. I also LST but only to move bigger growth out of the way of other bud sites. I have some nice shrubs going. Lol.

    As far as nutes I got the House and Garden line of nutes. Aqua Flakes A & B, Roots Excelurator, bud XL and shooting powder. I'd put these nutes up against almost any other brand. The owner of Advanced Nutrients himself admitted that H&G Roots Excel was the best on the market and he would use it over his own root nutes.

    I'll be updating shortly after I add shooting powder this weekend.

    Thanks for the comments man,
  16. Yeah me too. The god bud already is showing a purpleish hue to the leaves. Supposed to be some great bud.
  17. i have this plant right now, some no name bagseed i think. under the light (MH) it looks almost as if my leaves are black and when you take it out its a real dark purple greenish color. its wicked
  18. What is your pump timer (on for X seconds off for Y seconds) set to?

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