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  1. Hello again fellas

    Well as some of you may know, the last grow was a mixed bag. On the one hand I only got 6 females from 15, and also the two biggest plants - both Nirvana ice - didn't develop properly giving crappy low grade weed. On the other hand I also got shitloads of top quality weed from the other 4 plants, with the white rhino being much better than the super skunk. Anyway, I got well over 20oz from those 4 plants, with the white rhino also giving the most, so I'm doing a purely rhinos grow this time around.

    This time I have pretty much the same setup, using the same grow room and the same 2*600W HPS. The only real difference is that I'll be growing in coco. After seeing the great results that others on this forum (Bopper in particular) have had growing in coco I had to try it. I've been reluctant to touch hydro because I like to move my plants around, but coco should give me the best of both worlds.

    For those of you who have no idea what coco is, tetra has done a good guide to it. Think of it as being like soil, but with a very low water retention and excellent drainage. One of the ideas of this thread is to compare how well the plants perform compared to my previous grow in soil.

    Anyway, enough chat and I'll post some pics. I'll try and post pics every week or so during veg so that people can see how they're developing. Feel free to chime in with any questions or anything you have - I hope people can learn from this journal as well, although bare in mind that this is my first grow with coco so it might all go tits up!
  2. This is the grow room. I haven't put the mylar back up yet, but I will do before the plants are big enough to take advantage of it.


    Not all the seeds were germinated at the same time, due to poor germination rates from the first batch and me buying another pack. But still, they all got transferred to the 5L pots yesterday.

    This is one of the more developed seedlings:


    This one was very slow to germinate, and to pop the soil. I'm keeping my eye on it, but hopefully it should start to catch up its brothers and sisters soon enough.

  3. Very nice! I'm excited to see this next grow. Keep up the good work and as you learn, you'll be cranking out major buds.
  4. nice start
    definately will be following this grow :)
  5. Nice start arseface, after your results on a previous thread cant wait to see the end results with this grow.Pulling up a chair for this.Good luck
  6. Howdy arseface

    Nice to see some one else doin Rhino.I myself am a Rhino kinda guy.I'm a little over 40 days into 12/12 and my ladies are puttin out now.Here's a little Eye Candy 4 u.
    This is a soil grow using Mother Earth Super Tea(100 % organic)By Advanced Nutes.

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  7. nice start arse. i've been having some trouble getting my bought seeds to germinate lately. i think i'm going to quit bothering with the nirvana seeds from seed boutique. they've really been sucking lately.

    and ocanabis, those plants are sexy :]
  8. great start! i wish i could use two 600w hps's lol thats gonna be one big ass grow set up if all those turned to be female :p
  9. That's it then, it's a trend!

    Perhaps we've all been dealt from the botom of the deck? Who can tell but it does seem that lots of us have had this just recently.

    Arse, this is gonna be huge mate, absolutely huge - good luck with it.

    I'll pm you in a mo too....
  10. Okay, well, it's 5 days later so about time for an update.

    I was actually starting to think that progress was a bit slow, but the last two days have really seen the plants turn around and put on a bit of a growth spurt. The larger plants all have thick roots coming through the bottom of the pots, so they certainly have a good root base, given that they've only been in those pots for six days (they were in seedling pots in potting compost before).

    Anyway, I'm having a few problems with curled leaves. I had the same problem last grow as well, but I think it's down to over-fretilisation. I'm unsure exactly how much to give to the plants at this stage in coco... I'm giving 20cc / 10L of each part of the canna coco ferts and they seem okay. I tried 30 and noticed the curling of the leaves. What do you guys (tetra and bopper) use around this stage?

    Anyway, on with a few pics:


  11. Just a couple more pictures for today - they aren't that interesting at this size. Looking back at the first post, I guess progress is fairly good for just a few days. Lets hope the boost from coco really kicks in now :)


  12. Oh yeah, and ocanabis - those rhinos look fucking lovely :yummy: :smoke: :D
  13. omg i am totaly going straighht to coco cuz thats just amazing growth in that short of time.... looking very nice +rep
  14. your plants are growing way faster than mine.
  15. bought coco yesterdayt and repotted my 3week old babies (growing outside) . now lets hope they start growing like this shit :D

  16. Sweet! Well, let us know how they go...

    As for my plants, I came back from a weekend away and the plants had developed a bit more, so I thought I'd take a few more pics.


  17. they look beautiful. Im going to keep a close eye on this one...looks like you have a lot of knowlege to contribute to the city!!:smoking:
  18. I'm having quite a few problems with curling leaves on some of the plants now, so I might have to back off further with the nutes. It's only on the older leaves though - the newer growth is coming through much better. Interestingly, I have 5 plants from an older batch of white rhino, bought a couple of years ago - the same ones I grew last time. None of them are showing any leaf curling, so perhaps it's a genetic tendancy. I dunno.



  19. Cheers bud - I'll do my weedy best :smoke:
  20. might be the genetics or nute burn... maybe even the position of where the planter is sitting :p hell who knows but yea man they are looking beautiful for so young.... my next paycheck is going to be to buy some coco lol

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