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1200 my favorite

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NaughtyDread, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. had to post it :) my number of post and my favorite # 1200; now off to smoke up the celeb :)
  2. congrats...

    oo im at my 1000 more away!
  3. man, I just lost a big post about how qucik you gusy are getting to a 1000/ being drunk/ being a mod/ weed/ sex/ other dirty stuff/ and congrats because of TOO MANY SMILIES!!!

    CMON! Can we really have too many smilies??? J/K folks

    :D :D :D :smoking:

    ps hope that wasn't too much!!

    (pps! haha, it was!!! thank god for copy, paste)
  4. nooo we need more smilies and one shud say "dr krapp is cool" so u can say it every post!!

    also congrats o nthe post count, im sumwhere inthat rejon myself however i cant remember how many i have
  5. hmmm looks to be about 1258 :) and more smiles please !!!
  6. post check... what the hell post am i at.... let us see
  7. i think this is my 200th...exactly 1000 away!
  8. the only time to celebrate is when you hit 4:20

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