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$120 for a 1/4?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Doodlemikey, May 31, 2009.

  1. I'm not new to smoking, but I'm new to buying. I'm just kind of a panzy when it comes to that. However, $60 for an eighth of good stuff isn't too bad, but this guy wants to double the price for a fourth. I'm pretty sure there's usually a discount with that, yea? How many of you guys have paid 120 for a fourth? And when you have, what quality was it?
  2. i pay 120 for only high grade stuff, usually kush, haze, exodics, some good dank at anything 110+, mids should cost 25 a quarter o
  3. 120 on the street for a quarter is pretty high. I know people who pay 100 a quarter for GDP (it was pretty dry when he got it) on the street but top-shelf at a med shop in Southern California is 120-140.
  4. cali always has amazing prices though, id move there for that reason if i didnt love the east coast so much
  5. alright, so unless this stuff is some of the most amazing ever, especially because this guy isn't even a dealer, just a guy my girlfriend and I know, I shouldn't be paying 120, yea?
  6. My advice: Don't pay that much. Find a legit dealer, somebody you can count on to give you a good deal. $120 for 1/4 is too much.
  7. how much do you get it for? youre close to me and i pay 120 a quarter sometimes lol
  8. $110-$120 is a standard non-hook up price, definitely can get a better deal but you're not being ripped off either. I get my 1/4 cheaper though.
  9. A 1/4 costs me about 50 quid, so like 80$ ?
  10. An eighth here costs the equivalent of $30, and it's dank. I would never pay that much for such a small quantity of anything, unless it's a very rare metal or precious stone :eek:
  11. Hah i meant to type 40 quid.

    But yeah its still pretty expennnsiiivee.

  12. I had to, and It was SOME BOMB purple shit, shit that made me the "daily-smoker". laugh uncontrollably for 10 minutes+ off 1 goddamn hit, I couldn't belive it and how high I was, so basically if its that good then, its prolly worth $120
  13. he lives in NY i think thats normal prices
  14. Yeah man. 80 bucks for a 1/4 of high high mids
  15. Hey Dude,

    You're in new york. $120 sounds right becuase, who ever is selling it to you, bought it for about 75 dollars. A 1/4 of is about 75 dollars, I also get some real exotic strains for $100. trick is to cut out the middle men and find the straight source. Lucky me it took me a over year making friends and networking before i struck gold LOL:D

  16. damn dude what state do u live in? i live in virginia and i get a quarter of high-end mids for 45 lol. i can get a quarter of outdoor headies for 75-85
  17. yeah i pay that too ....... i think its sort off likke paying 40 dollars because moneys earned the same ... sort off lol:smoking:
  18. I've paid 120 for a 1/4 but it was excellent quality.
  19. the fact that you ahve said this guy isn't even a dealer suggests he is getting it cheaper, at its proper value and then selling you it for 120 to make a quick buck.
  20. 120 is definitely high, but its not ridiculous. Generally, if I get it at a price where if I wanted to I could flip it back gram by gram and make a profit, I consider it a decent deal.

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