120 day problem

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MonArch, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. i have quite big deal here. I started my plants indoors on july 17, i was planning on growing indoors until the smell got in the way, it is now september 9th. Thats 55 days now. I am unsure about the strand but its predomintly stativa. My problem is that my plant has not yet begun to flower and cold weather is approaching. I think the latest my plant will survive til is late october. I heard stativa take 120 days to complete and 120 days will put me into mid november which is too cold. The latest that i said was late october and that will put me to about 100 days in the cycle. does anyone have any reassurance that my plant will finish by then? And if i doo get any earlybuds will an early harvest suck?
  2. well it sounds like you will have to take them down early, don't let the frost hit them. the smoke will probably be a bit harsh but will still get you a buzz. it will also be free. you will just have to hope for the best and keep an eye on the weather.
  3. not 120 days, more like 10weeks(70days) to 14 weeks(98days) at the very most, harresting a stavita early is a common thing, the high tends to b more trippy and up which is the reason most ppl grow a stav.
  4. but should my plant be showing sexing because its not.and approx how many days of vegging and how many of flowering. thanks
  5. sativas are slow to show their sex just as they are slow to flower. i am not sure how long into budding it takes before they start blooming

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