120$ 9g birthday blunt of green crack (img)

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by nonfat, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    (ipod for comparison)

    yeee. video coming soon.
    Yeah its a pain we had to twist off, but hey. the wrap itself was a platinum super blunt we picked up for 8 bucks.

    the three of us (and a girl who took a few puffs) could only smoke half of it until we had to save it for later. We got incredibly blown then saw the movie 9; which unfortunately didn't live up to the hype.

    hows its done in cali!
  2. pretty big man.. but i would have just rolled 9 and called it a day.

  3. yeah but his birthday was on 9/9/09 so we had to do everything 9.
  4. Nice roll man, hope the day was fun.. How would you rate the cannabis you smoked?
  5. such a waste...

  6. as far as how high I was, it was way up there. I do prefer indicas a lot more, and green crack is a very strong sativa,so I probably wouldn't rate it that high.

    as far as how the high was, Probably like a 6 or 7 out of 10.

  7. dude i thought my dealer was bullshitting me when she said green crack...wtf
  8. nice fatty you had there, shoulda finished it in one sitting IMO, otherwise i like the way you guys party lol.

  9. your ipod adapter looks like its vanishing..

  10. no seriously thats what we were planning on doing.
    we were like, "We are smoking the whole thing no matter what!"
    but towards the middle the resin buildup just started raining on our throats and we were already stoned, so we were like fuck it.
  11. you paid 8 for that wrap?
    should just got 2 green games and rolled em together for like 3-4
    it will give you a better blunt and save a couple bucks for a drink n some munchies
    Props on roasting 9gs though, gotta love the Ls, especially fattttttys
  12. wait. . . the movie 9 sucked? WTF i was looking forward to that movie for mad long. womp womp wooomp.

  13. I was too!! I was so excited for it. Basically the art design is the only good thing in that movie. The story had potential, but was extremely sloppily put together, and the voice acting; which was supposed to be really good with elijah wood, was mediocre at best. Such a shame for a burton film.
  14. Sorry man, but what a waste of some fine ass ganja.

  15. No. It wasnt.

    imo, its much better to have a great memorable experience with some close friends that you will remember for years and years to come instead of just getting somewhat high, which will never really matter to you again once you come down.

    Yea, we could of just took the 9 grams and smoked it sparingly. Maybe thats what most of you guys would do. I want to remember that I smoked a 9 gram blunt on 9/9/09 with some of my really close friends. That memory will stay in my head and make me smile and think back. Thats not a waste to me.

    Now if your impying that blunts are just a waste in general vs bongs/spoons then I agree with you. but blunts are so, so much better.
  16. word, looks like a good time
  17. *face palm*

    I guess if I had $120 to blow through...nah, I'd probably still put it in some nice glass. I guess I'm just not a cool blunt kid.

    Regardless, I'm still jealous. ;)
  18. Seems like a waste of herb to me, but still cool nonetheless.
  19. damn...9 grams would last me 2 weeks...never worth blowing 120$ worth of weed in one day...although you didnt but still.

    i guess its just me, i bought a 1/4 of Cinderella 99 last thursday and prob wont get any til beginning of next week.

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