12" Stemless GonG, GRAV Labs

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  1. Hey Everyone.
    Picked this up over at "SmoCo" The headshop over on South Congress in Austin.
    I got it for 80, and picked up the ashcatcher for 60.
    Prices seemed a little steep, but i am deffinately pleased with my purchase.
    Thing rips like a beast.



    Mawoski, ripping it!

    EuDxKing :wave:

    Happy toking blades.
  2. Nice bong
    i plan on my next bong being a stemless

    is it just me or is the ashcatcher not all glass?
  3. gravlabs uses a rubber cork on the top and a stemless design for easy cleaning. great innovation in my opinion and sick setup but its time to change your water lol
  4. Exactly.
    I really like it, it makes it easy to fill/empty.
    The water is emptied after every session. lol. I just messed with the filters a bit.
  5. damn that bong is hella dirty
  6. dude, we're bong buds, I just picked up this exact same set up at the new headshop in Lubbock called Dirt City, it's such a sick bong, my first ever. I added the same exact ash catcher and everything! I'm not sure if you have tried it already or not, but you should fill the ashcatcher with sonic ice! its the shit!!!
  7. Nice bong dude. I smoke out of a stemless to and it get's me wicked high I love em.

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