12 site ebb and flow white widow and holland hope

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  1. not going to say too much ,but i will be breeding these two strains . 400w hps and 400w cfls , liquid earth nutes , tri meter , so GC show some love

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  2. Love your sig! lol
  3. thanks dude , had it for a while , and been offline for a while and desided to start a new journal , peace
  4. okey new pics enjoy them . the real show will start in in two weeks. no nutes yet and i took off the hps and added 8 100w cfls . it looks like a nice cool day in there .:)

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  5. Nice looking setup.. Sub'd
  6. thanks bro , stay tuned for the rest , i will be breeding these straines with each others . the out come will be the great white hope :D
  7. So this is just a seed run!? Even better Iv never actually seen a seed run journal.
  8. ya I never seen one either . i will isolate the pollen and the male i pick to breed with.

    and i will pollenate some of the lower buds . or shall i say the smaller ones couse I will be topping and and bending to keep a flat canopy

  9. looking good dude.. is this ur first grow??
  10. no bro like the fifth or somthing , ya it is the fifth i just had to count ,lol.

    thanks for stoping by, i did like three grows at the same time in diffrent locations and two prior to them so thats how i counted 5 , but nowhere near a pro yet

  11. this is my first grow.. i seen alot of ppl doing it the hydro way.. what is the pros for hydro?? also how did ur last grow do??
  12. 2 oz a plant and a total of 24 plants, and now my space has shrunkin

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