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12 plant max grow room plans...

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Beazelgee, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Anyone know of any website that offers indoor grow room plans? Or if anyone has any layouts of their own, please message me. This grow room will have to be big enough to house 12 plants max! Thanks!
  2. I just build this today,
    9x6 feet for my veg room

    I went to the hard ware store and had some econo 2x4 split
    Cost me about $12 including screws.

    And about 20f from 100f roll of poly that cost me $89

    About $25 at the most and about 4 hours work.


    No plans but it's an easy frame.

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  3. I appreciate this! Gives me a much better idea of what i need to do, thank you!
  4. Im glad I could be of some help.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
  5. Not a bad little room, wish I had gone this way instead of building solid walls that were heavy as hell lol.
  6. Thanks. It gets frustrating hanging the poly by yourself. But I got it done. I don't like having vertical issues. I want space when I'm in there working. And it's the cheapest part of the grow.
  7. My walls were free I built them out of old pallets and siliconed between the boards. Couple sheets of old ply wood and I was off to the races. Damn think weighs a ton but is sturdy as all hell lol. Think weights like 300-400 lbs
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    I myself did the same as above. 2x4 & 2x10s i did my whole tent for 80 bucks tho. 40 in hardware 40 in poly blackout. Didnt get the big roll, got 4 10x10s at 9$ each

    My tent is 8ft high 6ft wide and 8ft deep. houses 12 plants with tons of extra room i got more pix in my grow op in my sig.

    hope i helped

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