12 Plant 1200 watt 4x6 SCROG Unknown Strain - Veg. Length?

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    So right now i have the seedlings under a 250w. They've gotten about 1 1/2" tall in 16oz cups and working on their second leaf set now after 7 days. I'm using FF Soil and PH'd water, thats it.

    In my other room i have 2 600w HPS with a 4x6 screen.

    I only have about 3.5 - 4 feet from the screen to the bottom of the light.

    The screen is 10" above the 3 gallon pots.

    My question is, how long should i veg for? Or how tall? And should i transplant to maybe a 1.5 gallon before switching to 12/12? And can i use my HPS 1200w system on 24hrs to grow the plants without starting the flowering process?

    Thanks a lot guys - Grow journal coming soon!
  2. I would just fill the scrog and then flip it , continuing to tuck down all through stretch. You decide your height , thats what the scrog is for , and coverage.:D

    I would use the Biggest pots you can mash up under that screen from start to finish.

    Sounds like a great setup , post a log =)
  3. I agree with hypeshot.

    Use the biggest pots you can. I've heard that if you do an intermediate transplant to a med sized pot before your final pot, the plant will form a denser root ball. But I can neither confirm or deny this. I did it with my current grown and it liked the results so far.

    I would veg until your plants cover 75-80% of the screen, that way the flowering stretch will basically fill up your screen without things getting too out of control.

    To me, the height is relative, I would keep them low as possible that way you will avoid any potential burning with your lights. But you also want the screen high enough so that you can get comfortable and reliable access to your canopy for training and what not.
  4. So you guys are suggesting i use 5gallon pots, then? 12 plants are going to fill this screen relatively easy.

    Can i use the 1200w HPS on 24/0 to fill up the screen to ~80% then switch to 12/12? I'm hoping i can do that!

    Thanks guys
  5. Have you sex'd them yet? No sense wasting space on males unless a male is what you're trying to grow.

    When you transplant put them in the container you are going to grow them out in. 3 gal minimum but also this to help to control the height. A 5 gal container will grow a monster dude. Also, when you do transplant bury them up to within 1 inch of the lowest set of leaves. This will make 'em short and stocky. Promise that.

    If you want them short I wouldn't veg them for more than 30 days (but sex them first)then flip to 12/12. It will affect your yield on such a short veg cycle but it will produce and it will be less vertical height. Done it!

    You're going to have a jungle with 1200w dude! And I would suspect an awful lot of bud as well.

    Good luck and watch him grow. They're going to be prolific!

  6. Thanks possuum! No i have not sexed them yet, i was going to just chop down the males as soon as i found out. Then on my second time around, i will be using all clones so i wont have to worry about it!

    Can i veg the plants through the screen with the HPS on 24/0 ??? Then switch to 12/12 when i get to a comfortable height/fillage?
  7. Yes you can veg them through the screen on 24.0. The thing with your plan that I would be concerned about is with a screen that big, pulling males from the center after they are already woven into the screen is gonna be a pain in the asssss.
    I havent done a scrog yet personally, that is my next run, but I have been doing a lot of reading on it. I would sex them before they go into the scrog, and then send them back to veg I guess. ITs alot easier to scrog with clones or femmed seeds.
  8. . If ya don't know how much stretch you'll get during flower I personally wouldn't fill more than 50% before flipping. What I did was figured the height I wanted the screen to allow access and be able to trimm fan leaves in later flower then grew the plants to just under the screen then flipped the lights. with the LST I did from early on got a good spread to start with. Now at 7 days of 12-12 my screen is about 65% full. Course I am doing DWC with 3 dif strains under a 36x36 screen set at 10" above my 5 gal buckets
  9. TeamG, check this post out from Budslinger which is a sticky in the Absolute Beginners forum. Lot's of good info on sexing in that whole thread.

    I'm not experienced with scrog'ing as a practice so I have to yield to the experienced folks here.

    If you haven't seen it already and you want to see something pretty amazing (to me anyway) check out a grow journal by smoove http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/518337-sm-ve-organic-scrog-400w-closet-growing.html

    All his work is just flat out over the top. Inspiring!!!!


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