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12 of the biggest most beautiful plants i have ever seen!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by M369, May 29, 2009.

  1. As many of you may or may not know, i grew some pretty good crops while living in Spain. Some getting to around a meter and a half and an average yield of 35oz per season.

    I thought i was pretty good and i think i have a natural talent for it and the drive to produce good crops.

    However after going round the house of a young Spanish friend of mine i relised my plants were miniature compared to his.

    He had 12 of them. All on a drip fed irrigation system. Upon first glance they looked like Christmas trees. Standing at least 2 and a half metres tall. They were unbelievable AND we were only in the month of May!

    They were heading to be MONSTERS.

    Long story short.

    The police found them. ALL got Destroyed but he got away with it and didn't even get a fine. (This is why i loved living in Spain the laws are so chill)

    If only they didn't get destroyed these would have been record breaking!

    Heres a shot i took of them!:cool:

  2. Thats a real shame, I honestly did think the plant on the right was a pine tree until I read your post.
  3. Nice...Beautiful plants!
  4. Jesus... those are huge. They look like they needed some more room though. Regardless, that is awesome... would have been a nice harvest. :)
  5. :eek: The size of the stalk on the one on the right is unbelievable.

    That is a real shame :(

  6. It was a real shame....

    I still don't know how he managed to get them that big.

  7. 1) Climate permitted him to plant outdoors early.

    2) He started them indoors.

    That REALLY Sucks. Good thing he didnt get hit though.
  8. holy fuck.

    those are beautiful.
  9. Man i did that too.

    I used to plant at the end of Jan- early Feb.

    But they still didn't get that big.

    This was one of my biggest.

  10. I too live in Spain and have also seen people with plants over 2 metres tall. The right soil and Spanish sunlight is an absolute godsend for plants.
  11. you need a fucking axe to get thru the stems!
  12. i think the stalk that you guys are reffering to is actually a stake to hold it upright and withstand the wind but i cant tell for sure but if it actually was part of the plant then...WOW:eek:
  13. lamppost aint it?
  14. No it was a big stake to keep them from moving too much.
  15. I agree
  16. damn thats amazing. it sucks they all got confiscated but at least your friend got off free.
  17. Really nice plants! I wish I lived in an all year round warm climate. Planting in early seasons seems to produce MEGA crops!
    Cool post man, sad story, lol.
  18. Yeah i think Spain is like one of the only countrys you could get away with that.

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