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12 Hits and an 1/2 of mango this weekend.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Floridatoker, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. So i found a lsd connection :hippie:on friday and bought 12 hits of blotter along with a half o of freshly cured mango. I tripped on 4 hits friday night, 6 hits saturday night and 2 sunday night, but thats not the best part on saturday me and the dealer whent out to the beaches to party saturday and hit it off. She just got done touring the country for a hemp clothing company. She Has been to every major concert in the last four years.
    She's 24 love's weed, has unlimited acid, dark hair green eyes and a beautiful figure.
    I have two grams of mango left now and cannot wait until this weekend.:yay:
  2. Sounds fun.... Altho 6 hits is literally enough to kill you....
  3. The LD50 is 12,000ug, and a normal hit is 100ug. I actually have a friend who's eaten 64 hits (long story)
  4. She told me to cause i had not slept since friday morning and there it was sunday night, so she said i should take almost double so i did six but not at once of course i did two every one and a half hour so i was fine. my brain feels a little melted today though.
  5. Sounds like a great time. Having someone who can get you acid is a GREAT thing, especialy if she's a nice girl who you enjoy spending time with.

    Also, to whoever said that much acid can kill you, you're just plain wrong. The only way you'll OD on acid is if you knowingly down an entire vial in a very expensive attempt to kill yourself. It's a really really safe drug, believe it or not. It's just way to easy to get carried away with it like I did this summer.
  6. Stop talking. Forever.
  7. I have been looking for a hard core, single, super druggie, hot dealer girlfreind, for years. But acid being her product makes it 1000 times better. Every story starts out as "once on cid i" She can keep up with the amount i smoke two. We smoked a quarter of my half of mango on the beach saturday night, every hit was a shotgun it was awesome. i had had 4 hits already the moon had two rings arond it i will never forget that night with that girl. I just trade acid for other stuff now. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT SHE HAS, She has hundreds of sheets mailed two her from home by her brother who makes it. Where she comes from it's three dollars a hit here in florida it goes for 10-15.
  8. You too, please. You annoy the fuck out me. - Come on now Report a post if its that bad. -Bliz
  9. That's really amazing, man. Earlier this summer I was in a great position with my acid connect. He was always around and ALWAYS had at least 100 hits in the freezer in the trunk of his car:D I would make the call, and within twenty minutes I was holding however much acid I wanted. I LOVED having that connect, but just last week he went away to college and I've been dry since. It's actually a good thing though. A friend and I wound up taking WAY too much over a few weeks and kinda broke down mentally and couldn't keep going. Hit me up a PM some time if you want to have a good acid talk.
  10. How is acid different than shrooms? Sorry, but I'm a noob at non weed related drugs :eek:
  11. They're almost opposites as far as I'm concerned. On shrooms, people usually have a very spiritual trip and it's mostly about sitting down and being immersed in it. Acid, for me at least, is more about a total sensory overload, followed by a curious desire to explore the world you get thrown into. On acid you're usually up and walking around if not doing even more intense physical activity. I really like biking on acid because it feels so raw and pure. It's just pure energy flowing through your body, into the bike, then onto the road, or at least thats what if usually feels like to me:D. I really like answering questions like this, so if you've got any more, feel free to PM me about it.
  12. you cant die from acid, so 6 is not enough to kill u, actually u cant OD on acid, shrooms, weed, or mescaline so theres some food for thought

    and for the psychedelic noob, shrooms are much more visual and kind of a "mind fuck" compared with acid (all at lower dosages of course) but acid lasts around 8-12 hours where shrooms last about 4-6 hours but in my experiences, i feel more in control when on acid, a much clearer head compared with shrooms where your kind of disoriented but i love them both
  13. It really depends on the person... this guy feels this way, and I feel the complete opposite. I feel in control on shrooms and with acid.. It's just.. pure insanity for 12-48 hours, depending on how much I take and when I take it..

    Depends on the person, set and setting bro. Everybody's different when it comes to psychedelics, but they're a great experience either way :D
  14. You can OD on all of them, it just takes a large amount. Check Erowid for lethal dose facts.
  15. is it me or is there somthing about acid and dark haird green eye girls that go together.......................

  16. quote for truth
  17. ok smartass, technically u can die from acid or shrooms but you would have to eat more than your body weight of shrooms to "OD" from them but your stomach would explode way b4 that and ive only heard of a couple stories of ppl dyin from takin too much acid, but it can happen, though its very very rare

    Name Calling doesnt float around here. Last warning -Bliz
  18. No one here gets what I'm saying.... you could VERY EASILY die from LSD, just not what you are talking about. Say whoever was making the blotter spilled a drop. one drop. on your hit. They might not notice at all, but it would be enough to kill you 10 times over. It's measured in micrograms. Most drugs are sold in grams.

  19. Chill with the insults. He was tryin to be helpful. It's always good to know the LD50 of ANY drug. Simply so you can figure out a dose that's good for you. But yeah, Mango is a very kind strain. Enjoy it. a HEAVY dose of shrooms is considered 5grams+...

    As a lot of psychelics such as Shrooms and acid have very high LD50's, That's not the point. You could injest a large amount, and not die. However, your mental state would be completely flipped over, and you may end up doing something stupid. That was ALWAYS my concern.
  20. yea thats the kicker right there, theres always that chance that youll be trippin so hard that you do somethin totally rediculous (ive heard of people being convinced that water was air and air was water and tried to breathe H2O and we can all predict how that one ended up) but as far as actually overdosing on psychedelics, youll be safe :)

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