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12 for the QP, ok.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Green_Life, May 27, 2009.

  1. I was searching around the net the other day and came across a VERY similar picture of some bud i got a couple years ago out of NOR CAL. When i got it was called the DEW and he wanted 12 for a QP. After looking at it once i had no problem paying the price and to this day it is still the best weed i have ever smoked. Take a look.

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  2. $1200 for a QP is good for the club. I'm not sure I've smoked that before, but it looks good enough. Anything you get from the club will be chill.
  3. $1200??? That's pretty steep, but if you were happy with it that's all that matters.
  4. i have no problem paying a high price for the best. If i would of been smart i would of kept it all for myself. :)
  5. I'm gonna have to disagree...

    "Giving away" some of your stash always makes it cheaper for you :smoking:

    You prolly know that tho. Just thought I'd mention it cuz I don't care how good the weed is, I'm always looking for a deal lol.
  6. looks nice, if its as good as you hype it up to be id pay that much too
  7. damn dude, 1200 a qp is retardedly high, that's maybe 150 or 200 less than I'd pay at a dispensary for the same quality, woohoo sales tax :rolleyes:
  8. 1200 for that? I've payed 875 for a quap of good beasters before
    i'd probably take that deal lol
  9. it figures in my head. 25 for a qo of reg. 100 for a qo of kush. 300 for a qp of reg=1200 for a qp of kushy. id do it if i had the mula
  10. If this is the same shit that I Got before its mad fluffy and half a tinny pack of it got me and my friend both fucked up

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