$12 for 3 medium pizzas!

Discussion in 'General' started by mos_def, May 21, 2010.

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  2. Hoooooo shit. I know what i'm doing tonight for dinner.
  3. that new Red Dead Redemption game looks sick yo
  4. ya bro, that shit is boss.
    ima be eating pizza and playing that shit on my couch all night ahahh.
    just lookin out for GC on some good deals :)
  5. isn't pizza mia suppose to be a 'budget' pizza? I tried it multiple times and thought it was a lot better than their standard pizza.
  6. yup that pizza, its the only kinda i like from them!
  7. Pizza Huts sauce tastes like oranges.
  8. FML for trying to be healthy :( can't order that shit. *turns the other cheek*
  9. lol, niice ;p
    i see you have zuneee !!
  10. yup i have a zune hd lol
  11. lol i got the munchies right now

    but no spare money

    (rage behind comp) :rolleyes:
  12. dominos > pizza hut
  13. whats the difference b/w a mia pizza and a reg
  14. pizza mia is thinner and comes only in medium. pretty much thin crust pizza instead of thick
  15. I got that deal a few months ago when it was $15 and it was the worst pizza we ever had, worse than frozen pizza from the grocery store. Maybe they just had an off night but regardless, never again. Terrible.
  16. i heard that too from various people, but they apparently changed the recipe soon after, cuz my order was great.
  17. I couldn't find the coupon, can someone offer help? hehe
    the munchies need to be satisfied:smoke:
  18. It's $14 here....Still might get it I haven't had Pizza Hut in a long time and I didn't think they delivered here.
  19. The code is IX.
  20. the code is IX

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