12 females...24 germinating...only enough light/room for 12.

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  1. we're trying to grow 12 plants....so we've started 24...but then we realize, we don't have the light to support 24 plants (they are still germinating)...we only have the light to support twelve...

    is there any possible way to keep ALL these babies alive until we can sex them? or are we gonna have to start with 12, possibly cut it down to 6 after sexing, and then get a mother out of this run to get 12 actual female plants next time.

    arrghghghg...this is frustrating.
  2. add more light? cfl's are cheap dude. you can add splitters and such and simply add more lamps. use mylar, doesnt "give" you more light, but it keeps what light you have in your grow space.
  3. we have
    6, 60 (actual) watt cfls
    1 430 hps
    3 15 watt fluoro's

    do y splitters require any electrical knowledge...the most we've ever done is made our own lamp out of lamp making kit. also we've already got those cfl's on two multi-taps. a splitter on a multi tap doesn't sound very safe. we do have 1 more outlet spot for 1 more multi tap which we feel can hold three 60 watt cfl's, safely.

    plus...would we have to essentially DOUBLE our light? cause that is totally not an option. looks like we're gonna have to keep it at 6 this time and 12 from clones next time.

    thank you!!
  4. If you have enough room to flower 12 females then I would think that 24 plants in early veg would not be a problem.

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    Build a cab out of a larger rubbermaid container. Add some venting and cfl's and you have a great veg chamber. Once the plants reach the limit in the bin, flower them. I guess that is what I would do, just another option.

    EDIT: I read your post over and I may have misunderstood the first time. You have no plants flowering at the moment and have 24 germinating with hopes to be able to flower 12 from the germinating seeds?
  6. right. we have 24 with the hopes of flowering 12...ya know...getting 12 females.

    i was wondering if the smaller vegging plants need that 50-100 watts, or if they could stand for less. WE DO NOT want to sacrifice QUALITY that much. we'd rather do less now, get a mother or 2, and the use 12 clones next time around.

    unless of course, the 24 smaller vegging would be totally fine with the lights that would be used to flower the hopeful 12 females. with 24 it's only about 35 watts per plant. which sucks, i know. but could the 12 (hopeful) females make up for lost time (light) once the males and scragglers were, ummm, weeded out. no pun intended. at that point they would have about 70 watts per plant. almost double what they would get during vegging.

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