12 Days Old, Take A Look And Help

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  1. [SIZE=10pt]Rockwool is a tricky media for this noob.
    12 days in for HGK, CriticalJack and Malberry group in the pics
    rockwool soaked 24 hrs@5.5 ph
    45 min grodan soaking distilled water 300 ppm 2ml hygrowzyme, 2 ml seaweed extract, 1 drop superthrive in one gallon of H20
     paper toweled 
    Humidity dome till real leaves appeared
    50% humidity 72 degrees after dome removed 
    some cubes look over saturated, some super dry. Tried different styles of grodan maybe that's why...
    Watered with only 1 teaspoon water today with 150 ppm ph 5.5. 1/2 teaspoon each of cal mg and hygrowzyme.

    anyways take a look any feedback would be rad[/SIZE]

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  2. those little guys are stretching for light. you need to move it closer and put a fan on them to help build the strength up in the stem.
  3. also whats your medium? cause if its soil when you transplant you can bury them up to their cotyledons and they will be sittin pretty.
  4. Put a fan on them to strenghten the stems, or use split straws to hold them up + fan. They are a little thin for how tall the stems are. Move your light closer!
    Im guessing thats hydro? Im not to famaliar with it, but if it was in soil, i would tell u to bury the stem all the way up to the first set of leaves! dont think you can though.
  5. YES REPLIES!!!  I am using a hydroponic system. Using rockwool plugs to 4 inch rockwool cube.  Will move light closer, light 4 inches away?????   I'm getting a fan when i get off work! Thanks
    Also, do they look over watered?
    I see droopy little leaves
  6. you are right, droopy leaves are a sign of over watering. if you think they have been over watered just let them dry out a bit and they will perk back up.
  7. Best rule of how close to put the lights is, the closer u can put it the better! just watch for the leaves getting burned from the heat, if they are, move the light up. If they arent getting burned, lower the light again. Light types, air flow and many other factors determine how close u can keep the light.

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