12 days old CFL's hows it look?

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  1. This is my 1st time growing. i recently moved to SC in the USA from New Zealand and the only connect i had for weed got busted so i decided to grow. I found a few seeds in the 1/4 of mids i bought. I only have 1 plant as while i was waiting for the seeds to germinate my mom threw them away beacause she didnt know so im hoping it will be a female. im growing it under 4 CFL's. 2 are 1600 lumes and 2 are 900 lumes. all are softwhite except for one 1600 lumes CFL which is daylight and i have a small fan. and a/c. Im not too sure what kind of soil im using as i just got it from another plant my moms growing(not marijuana). i think it might me MG but not too sure.
    Since this is my 1st time growing at the start i had little knowlege and tried to grow using 3 normal 70 watt bulbs. i found out fast that these arnt efficient for growing as my stem grew alot because it didnt get anough light. The plant is now 12 days old. How does it look?
    Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.

    p.s sorry for the crap quality i took it on my phone as i dont have a propper camera yet.

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  2. Anyone have any comments or suggestons?
  3. looks good so far. keep it up!
  4. thanks headshopgirl. you think MG potting soil will have sufficient fert for now?
  5. i think if anything MG has too much fert. i prefer a soil that does not have fert already in it. i like to add my own. sometimes MG can be too strong and kill a seedling. next time, go buy your own organic soil with perlite and vermiculite in it. don't just use your mom's. a big part of growing MJ well is putting it in the right soil. i don't mean to discourage you though. hopefully your plant will do just fine in the MG soil.
  6. :wave:Looks nice Dekro, Where in SC are you(Generally), I grew up in Cola.. I moved north tho.PA now..You look close to transplant time Dekro so i will advise getting a bag of organic soil and start to lst if you wanna stay stealthy.Goodluck and keep us updated. and yes i miss SC alot.

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