12 day old seedlings please help

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  1. Okay so my plants are 12 days old from seed, I was away the past week and my girlfriend was watering them for me, the two in the solo cups were hit with some nute burn from my dumbass thinking it was a good idea to too the soil with biobizz premix instead of mixing it in so the got nute burn pretty bad but have been recovering, as far as the one in the smaller pot it was never topped with biobizz and was doing great and within 2 days turned the leaves to wilt on the rim of the leaves, if anyone can help I can run to the hydro store tomrw to grab what I need, grow box specs are 21"x34"x45" 125w 6500k cfl, watered every other day with dechlorinated water with adj ph of 6.4 with added ArmourSi silica additive, no nutes so far, I'm guessing it's a cal/mag deficiency but I'm not really sure, thanks guys ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1418003437.536450.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1418003449.253011.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1418003459.769756.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1418003472.720005.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1418003488.103119.jpg

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  2. Just cut all nutes and use straight water brohan!
  3. Really? Iv been just using the silica and everything was straight then out of know where the leaves started to yellow on the ends

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  4. Looked online at a chart and kinda looks like potassium deficiency but I'm not really sure, anyone else have an opinion? I mixed up a light mix of GH 3 part 1/2 teaspoon per gal, I let my water sit 24hrs uncapped to help release most of the chlorine, anyone know if it's safe to use aquarium dechlorinator to remove the chlorine?

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  5. As mentioned above. Stop with the nutrients. I have some little guys in solo cups turning 2 weeks tomorrow.  They have only received water so far.

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  6. I agree with the other two people. Looks more like nute burn than a deficiency.
  7. Nute burn for sure. Ease up on the nutes, I feed straight water with a bit of calmag pH to 5.9 until they have about 6 sets of leaves, then I hit em hard. 100% coco for me
  8. Okay thanks guys! No more nutes for week or 2, then hit em with a full dose of nutes? Sorry for the confusion I'm still trying my best to learn lol thanks again!

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  9. Also I forgot to add I'm using root organic soil, planned on mixing in some biobizz premix when I transplant them at 4 weeks anyone think that's a good idea? Also at how many nodes can I begin to top?

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  10. Here they are as of today 2 week mark is tomrw, kinda looking better, I'm gonna wait till tomrw morning to water with just pure water at 6.0
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    I haven't had to many great harvests, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I definitely wouldn't start on a full dose of nutes. Start with diluted nutes, maybe 1/2 to 1/3 of what they say.
    You can slowly increase to a full dose if you want, but some people will even advocate that fertilizer companies tell people to over-dose on their directions so that you buy more product. So it's really up to you, but once again, I wouldn't start at full dose of nutes.
  12. Okay completely understood, this is only my second indoor grow so bare with me lol still trying to learn as much as I can, thank you all for all your help it is much appreciated. Gotta learn some how right? But I know what you mean about nute company's overselling their products, I'll start slow on the nutes in a week or 2 and slowly increase the dosage over a week or 2. I'm done listening to the guys at my local hyrdo store they've been telling me to use the silica additive with every watering from seed so now I see where I went wrong, for future grows I will only feed straight water for 3 weeks then slowly start nutes after that, decided to ditch the biobizz premix for now untill I'm more knowledgable and can use it properly. But thank you all again for you help! I'll be posting some updated pics once they all heal up and are back to full health

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  13. I have had success using 1/4 strength nute for the first month and a half... I alternate regular water with 1/4 strength and I don't water that often. She loves it. Remember these things grow fine in the wild. Don't worry so much about the early stages and let her do her thing.

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  14. That sounds like a good idea! I'll do that once I start my nutes, just don't want them to get any more nute burn at this time, watered with straight water with a ph of 6.1 about an hour ago and they all look happier now already so thanks for your guys help!

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  15. Remember, hour by hour differences will make you go nuts. Lol.

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