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  1. When switching from 18/6 to 12/12; What is the best meathod? I've seen lots of different opinions; i.e. 24 hr dark first, then 12/12; and some say even longer dark before the switch. Advice is very appreciated.. Thanks,
  2. I wouldn't recommend this yet I have never tried it.. When I veg plants for say 5 weeks from seed and they become mature.. I switch it too 12-12 with just an initial 12 hour darkness. They show sex the next day.. What advantages have you heard..(it's been a while since I heard this one)
  3. no advantages or disadvantages mate,just flick the switch to 12/12 either after 12 hours darkness or more.if you dont experiment then you wont find out if any benefits or not, but no harm will be done whatever way you decide to go, delays maybe, but no harm done.

    the advantages pf dark periods come into play at the end of there life, put them into 48-72 hours darkness before you harvest them as this will increase resin & thc production:)

    my opinion mate, your choice:)

    all the best whatever way you decide:smoking:
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    Personally, I give my girls a 36 hour nap before starting the 12/12 regime. I don't have any scientific proof to quote, but it seams to bring out the buds a day or so sooner.
  5. Has any one done any high proof testing on this matter with some after 12/12 and some with complete darkness for say at least a day or more... and found that it didn't extend the flowering time.. I.E. harvested later due to more days? Or does this still count as day 1 of flower immediately when the light turns??? I have always given darkness for at least a day or two before harvest due to increased production...
  6. LOL awesome

  7. flowering time does not start when the lights switch to 12/12, flowering starts when the first buds start to form. counting an 8 week flowering period from the moment the lights are switched will result in an early harvest, you wanna start counting when the hairs and such start showing.
  8. Thanks for all the input; Sorry for not replying earlier, but been offline for a few days.
    Im glad to get the feedback, and best to everyone, I'll pass along the info.

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