12/12 picture request

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by keepitwolf, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. does anyone have pictures of a 12/12 from seed grow? i was always curious to see how it look.

    even if someone just has pictures of bud from a 12/12 grow

    thanks in advance
  2. Mines 3 days into flowering:

  3. so has that plant been grown 12/12 from seed/clone? i've never heard of that does it produce the same results?
  4. From seed

    Veg Total: 63 days

    Flowering Status: 5 days

    etc etc
  5. he wants bud pics of a plant that was grown from seed using 12/12 lighting the entire time... are you saying you 12/12ed yours the entire time and it's just starting to bud? it looks pretty big to refuse flowering under 12/12 until a few days ago...
  6. i just planted 3 and im germinating more and im planning on runnign em 12/12 from seed just for the hell of it. they havent popped yet but when they do ill let u know.
  7. i have some that have been on 12/12 from seedlings...they have one bud on them each..the lights are off right now but ill get some pics later
  8. SWEET ive never seen a plant on 12/12 its entire life
    how old are they
  9. i'm extremely interested in seeing some pics too

  10. there 8 weeks old and i am growing them in 2 liter soda bottels...its from some bagseed but looks extremely dank...sry but i wont have pics untill friday or saturday
  11. maybe check out my night stand grow? i only vegged for about a week and a half, just long enough for them to get what i thought was good and rooted. im updating it later so check it out, links in my sig.

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