12/12 period.

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  1. Hi, i was wondering if any1 knew how long it takes before you start seeing buds when your doing the 12/12. I started mine last night at 7pm-7am. When will the buds start to show. Any1 please?:wave:
  2. Usually July or August, this being the outdoor forum.
  3. im aware its the outdoor forum. Im flowering mine at 3ft in my shed for dark hours. Thanx
  4. usually by like the 2nd week you can see sex and at about 3-4 should see nice buds
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    Make sure their is absolutely no light leaking into the grow area during dark hours...Takes 10-14 days(sometimes sooner) and they will show their sex when pistals(females)emerge from the calyx. Should start noticing flowers forming shortly thereafter....

  6. Thanx dude.

  7. cheers bud.

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