12/12 in North East USA

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  1. Hey, im looking to kno when 12/12 is exactly supposed to hit, i used to have a site that estimated it extremely close but that was book marked on my other computer, i tried searching wikipedia again cuz i also found one there and nothing, anyone have any other info like this

    PS: 12/12 is 12 hr of light and 12 of dark, just to make it clear :smoke:
  2. The autumn equinox, when we have 12/12 all over the world will occur on Sep 22. However this has NOTHING to do with outdoor plants flowering, which they are doing now, and have been for at least the past week or fortnight.
    Read my link below on outdoor flowering.
  3. Hhahah, Cantharis..... How many times have we seen people posting "When will it be 12/12 in my area?", "When is it a good time to flower my plants outdoors?"....

    I guess we were all mega noobs at some point.
  4. yes you still are a meganoob, when did i say anything about flowering my plants? and of course it doesnt have anything to do with flowering outdoors obviously if there showing sex there starting to flower, i just wanted to kno, good job being a rude jackass too, i can see you have many friends, lmao u got nothing else better to do then come and talk crap about a post that u obviously didnt read, is it gonna be hard for people to ask a simple question with out getting some idiot "know it all" to say something retarded? haha
  5. sorry but liquor is right, youre question is useless in the grand scheme of things. 12/12 outdoors has nothing to do with flowering, so why do you even want to know...
  6. Hmm cuz I was curious possibly, I didn't say anything else stupid just asked a question, no need to be a dick about things, I used to have the website, I was curious wanted to kno if anyone had it was it seriously necesary tho? People come on forums to ask questions not be shut down by people who are tough on the computer, if your there to help just like you did at first , said nothing wrong, I think going to that extent just showed how stupid and immature that guy is, if some one is a noob, rub it in there face? Nice support right? Like I said you helped me before and I thank you, it wad a simple QUESTION
  7. And it was answered for you.
  8. So be it, thou hath well spoken great lord Cantharis. You are so condescending you're pathetic. OOOOuuu, he dared talk about your 12/12 whatever bullshit sticky. Why do you bother writing here if it's just to be annoying and rude to people. Pothead.
  9. maybe i should call the wambulance? someone needs a hug...

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