12/12 from seeds

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by keitanakano, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. what happens if i start up seeds under 12/12 conditions?

    Looking for feedback from people who actually did it.

    I could use some of the seeds from my harvest.
    Big yield is not an issue, as my indoors grow space is very limited.
  2. It is proven to work, just smaller yield, end of story.

  3. ah yes i read this information here and there.
    However I need more details:

    -how big will they get (let say, average seeds that normally result in 2mtr plants)
    -when will the flowering start
    -how long will it flower
    -what an impact will cutting have under 12/12 (to encourage horizontal growth)

    And how many seeds should I use for let say a little less than one sqm., height about 1 mtr.?
    How many plants would make sense into a 9-ltr. box- just one or two, or 5 to 6?
    Would it be a waste just to pop 15 seeds and let them grow as much as they can?

    Or would they just turn out long and spindly regardless 300W CFL, and just develope small buds?

    I could buy more CFLs for a low price now, larger spirals, far more watts than my existing lamps battery. I even bought a small fan!

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