12/12 from seedling

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 68firebird, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. sprouts just broke through the surface and i was wondering if i can 12/12 them now in order to keep em small. Will the plant devope properly and what kinda yield (i know low but how low).
  2. from what i heard it will almost act as a lowryder, yeilding mainly one main cola.
  3. Can anyone confirm this for me? I'm trying out my first grow right now, and I'd be interested in checking this out..
  4. I think it probably also depends on what strain it is. Some might veg for a while anyways until they mature after so many days.
  5. you can do a 12/12 from seed, but it will still remain in veg state until its mature enough to start sexing, & youll have a small plant w/ small yeilds
  6. How small of yield? I'm really just growing for personal use, so I think 6 plants on 12/12 will be ok. Right?
  7. What strain are you growing? Prolly around a half ounce to 2 ounces depending on alot of things.
  8. Right now since it's my first grow, I'm using bagseed so I can get some practice before I spend any real money. But I have a simple set up. I have 6 pots sitting in a closet, each with 2 compact fluorescents, each bulb rated at 100w.
  9. i would say a minimum of 7g (dry) per plant, & are the bulbs 100w or 100w eqivelent, b/c a 25w cfl is a 100w eqivelent to an regular light bulb. more light is better.
  10. They're 100 w equivelants, but I'm making another trip to the store today for more lights.
    Since they'll remain in the veg state til they're ready to flower, is it possible to lst them while they're vegging to get a little more out of the plant?
  11. I have seen posts on other sites about 12/12 from seed. You will need 100w per square foot of actual watts with CFL to get anything more than popcorn bud. Also, some strains will not react well to this method. I have seed 1 ounce per plant with 12/12 from seed but the guy was using a HPS setup.

    Your best bet might be to veg until they are 6 inches or so and then flower. You would get a better result in the same amount of time i think.

    Good Luck!
  12. yes, your supposed to start lst when they are young, & continue to lst through out grow.

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