12/12 from seed

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  1. Hello GC!


    1. Can I veg them for 1.5 weeks (10days) and flip to 12/12 entire time?.

    2. what is the average yield on 12/12 from seed UNDER cfls?.

    strain - s.star
    Got Coco, 8x50w cfls.
    Cab - 40cm x 40cm x 60cm ( W x L x H)

    I am going to LST them , trying to put 9 plant in the cab , transplant it to 1 gal pot. AC fan (80cfm) as my exhaust. Passive intake hole ( 2 hole's which is same size hole as exhaust )

    IF you see anything wrong bout my set-up, let me know.

    THanks :smoke::smoke:
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    Yes you can veg for 10 days then flip to flower. I would Reccomend to not, wait until you get a min of 3 nodes. This may be 10 days may be 15. Also the ideal yield per plant maybe would be a 1/4 oz (not sure)

    Edit: starting from seed with this plan is not the greatest plan, works better with clones in a SoG mentality.
  3. thanks dude
  4. Yeah man I wouldn't do it personally you won't be yielding much at all because there will be very few nodes, which in turn means very few bud-sites. I would say wait till they are about 3 weeks old then flower, but that's just my opinion. I usually don't flower any earlier than week 4 myself because any less than that and I don't feel that its worth it (due to small yield). Just depends on space and number of plants. I usually only grow 2-5 plants at a time so I want them to yield at least around 1.5 Oz each.
  5. gunna love that Sensi star bro.. hands down one of my favs! would love to give it a go at growing it!
  6. THanks guys!

    well, my plan is this, All i need is 2oz out of 5 plant.

    I am going to let them set 3days for seedling and 2 weeks of veg. so like, 17 days( seedling + veg). then flip to 12/12.

    what do you guys think of doing this with 5 plant ?. Need 2 oz !! thanks again.
  7. I have GB bloom/Micro and Cal-mag and superthrive. trying to make a simple cooking.

    I am going to veg them under 2x50 cfl and transplant it to 1 gal pot with 8x50w of Cfl's.
  8. and the purpose of doing 2 week veg and 12/12 is I need to smoke that shit ASAP LoL.

    And i got those seeds for free so ..

  9. 1. Yes...my last grow was 12/12 at about the 10 day mark.

    2. Yield to variable to determine accurately.

  10. thanks for your words!
  11. 2. Yield to variable to determine accurately.

    what is this mean ?! ...
  12. He means there are far too many variables (i.e determining factors) that go into one's yield. All aspects of the grow need to be taken into account such as lighting, genetics, environmental control, container size, nutrients, etc. Even two strains grown in the same conditions would most likely have different yields.

    Just give your plats the best conditions you can and you should be satisfied.

    Good luck though man,


  13. Very true. A couple grows ago same everything same seed, same soil pots etc. One grew to 33 inches in flowering the other 24...obviously different yields.
  14. Ahh!! I get it now. thanks again!

  15. I need to pre-charge coco right? 5/5/5 to 1 gal , water it till 20percent runoff and put the seed in . right?

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