12/12 from seed then trying to reveg outside

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  1. Okay this year i grew a few plants at 12/12 from seed so i could sex them so i dont gotta fool around with males. I just put the plant outside about 2 weeks ago after it showed first signs of female. Right now it has hairs growing still but the leaves are twisting and i beleive its trying to reveg. The plants about a foot tall. My question is how long does it take a plant to go back to veg? couple weeks ?
  2. bump i wanna know this as well
  3. If you put it outdoors only just after it showed it's sex, then yeah a couple weeks and it'll stop budding. If any buds start to form, pick them off (thats what I do) so that the plant doesn't continue to build on them, instead it redirects all of the energy back towards leaf/root growth again, rather than bud growth.
  4. "This female received 18hrs of light daily. A mistake made it receive a 12/12 day/night schedule for three days, which induced flowering. The grower put it back on an 18/6 day/night photoperiod. The plant took 6 weeks to resume normal vegetative growth. The light stress also caused leaves to grow in circles!"

    photo caption p.106
    Cervantes, J. (2006). Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible. Van Patten Publishing
  5. Six weeks ? Wow. Mine took about three weeks to show new vegetative growth after I had flowered for a couple weeks to show sex.
  6. picking off the buds wont stress it?
  7. Oh it will stress it, what you're doing is topping the plant. So you'll end up getting two colas out of the budsites anyway.

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