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12/12 from seed test

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by prodream, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Hi again, the bulbs are 3x 23watt 2600k flowering bulbs. There is really really no smell, you can just smell the "green" when you put the plant into your nose. The yield is really low. I think it is wet 12-13 g and dry 3-4. There were 2 real small lower branches but I cut them off. They were too young. I just harvested today but forgot to picture it. These pics are the last pics just before harvest. On 4th or 5th of sept. the next 12/12 grow will start with bigger pots from the beginning and with nutes. Thanks for all the comments and being here.. See you..

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  2. Are these the bulbs you are using from start to finish?? I'm trying to get my temps down in my cabinet which is not much bigger than yours.. Running 3 6500k's my temps get into 90's, running 2 i get into low 80's. Not looking to grow a bunch, just want to see if I can do it small before going bigger..
  3. Tiny Nugget!
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    At the start i decide to use 4 bulbs but temps were at 90 also and i used 3. I've started with 2x23w 2700k and 1x23w 6500k bulb. After 4 weeks i've changed all to 23w 2700k flowering bulbs. Yes you can go small with the setup. Check my first fail grow, I had time problem and must end it. 2 lst'd plants in a pc case with 4 bulbs. By the way I've planned to start the next grow on next sunday. I'll start with 18/6 for 2 weeks then switch to 12/12.
  5. You think you would get a similar or greater result with a 16oz party cup and nutes?

  6. I've had that running in my mind for the past 2 months. Do it! In a rubbermaid? :cool:
  7. I think I will, just need to wait until I get monthly deposit in september so I can buy some serious, big-ass 2700K CFLs and rig my closet for the experiment. It's roughly 2'x2', figure I can stick at least 20 12/12 dwarves in there.
  8. What sise containers? Im thinking 4 or 6 inch?
    Im gonna do this as well...maybe veg for 1 week.
  9. You ever end up starting that next grow, prodream?
  10. So what was your yeild on that plant

  11. by small cup, do you mean like a small dixie cup? or like a plastic red party cup?

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