12/12 from seed outdoor?

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  1. I'm on my 2 day 12/12 from seed, and I'm doing it outdoors. The only reason I'm doing it, is for a bit of a tease, and until my big plants are done this summer. I have 3 plants. so if I get 1/2 oz. I'd be happy.

    So far, very nice growth. when I wake up I check my yahoo widgets thing for the weather, to see when the sun came up. I bring in my plants, 12 hours later, wait until its dark and then take them back outside, for the next day.
  2. Sounds like a legit plan to me man, lets see some pics of those naughty girls when they start to sprout
  3. Yea as long as they are on the back porch - cool gig.
  4. Are you saying you're putting them on 12/12 as soon as they sprout? I would think they would have to veg for at least 6 weeks? Have you ever tried this before? I'm interested, let me know how it works.

  5. You can do straight 12/12 from sprout, it's been done with indoor grows many times. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
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    i once planted 5 lowryder and 10 seeds i got form my tomato plant:rolleyes:..
    it was the begining of december.. the 10 reg seeds were all female and showed sex in 2 weeks from seed... the lowryders took 21 days. had 3/5 females.... when it was all said and done i got about 5gram dry'd from 13 plants...lol...but it smoked nicely...

    edit so if your gonna try this your seriously wasting your time in my honest opinion.... the only real way to get any kinda of harvest would be to veg the plants indoors at 18/6 for atleast a month and put it outside to the 12/12 and it will start to flower in no time.....
  7. Wow, I did not know that. So technically you could have a year round 12/12 light set-up. No having to have a veg. room and a bloom room. Just as one is harvested, you could replace it w/another. You could even get a jump start on the growing by using clones. Very cool, picking a few buds every couple of days. I have a friend who could utilize this process completely. I will let him know. Thanks
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    Recommended veg time, in all the books, is 10 weeks but it has been done the other way. Hell I have even seen a greenhouse seeds grow video where they started flowering when the plant was a foot tall and it looked great for a small harvest. So it is up to you.

    Peace and happy growing.:D
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    well the yeild isn't as good as a regular indoor grow doing this method indoors. So I figured with the sun, I could get nice plants??? It's an experiment and I couldn't find any grows like this.

    I could care less about yeilds.

    EDIT: Yeah im on my 3rd day from sprouts, well once the sun rises..Taking pics today.. These are a teaser for this strain ChemicalX. I bought a few seeds and a clone.
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    This is day 8 from sprouting since that's how this will be timed. I'm using some scotts select plant food, bloom 10-12-10. only a bit, to supplement my coco coir. as time progresses I'll be using either more, or some hpoo fert

    All three.Left butter container is 1, 2 is to the right and top is three. Biggest is 3 at 2 1/4 inches and 2 and 2 are 1 1/2. number three at first was lagging. now it's bigger... Male chances going up.



    Three, best pic i got. Havn't got the hang of macro yet.
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    IMO you should have vegged for atleast 3 weeks, because while this can be done and has been done in the past, your plant is not mature enough to start budding for 3 or so weeks anyway (even when doing 12/12 from the start), so you would get more in pretty much the same amount of time.

    Hey are you doing a grow journal? I would love to watch buddy.

    Good luck!!

    P.S. what strain?
  12. Agree. the plant won't begin flowering until it is mature enough. limiting the amount of light during this stage just retards development.
  13. well I'll see 12/12's be quite successful, I'm doing it more so cus I want to be around a 75 day mark. I thought about doing it regular periods, and I've notice the lack of growth compared to other grows as well.

    No journal.
  14. bump at 4 weeks, I have two plants left, in the butter containers. the 3rd bert, well some animal got ahold of em and he dried out. I tried saving it but it didn't pull though.

    Luann is about 15 inches tall, I topped her and she is really bushing out. Trixie I FIM'ed her on accident and she is looking nice! about 2 inches taller, and less bushy.

    Both of my plants have some nute burn, which i noticed today. I think I added a bit to much h/poo. I'll see how they pull though, I might scrape off the h/poo on top and see what that does. I've been watering at least every 3 days, full sun.

    no signs of sexing yet either. I'll post pics asap!
  15. Luann died, some animal dug it up, and trixie turned out to be a monsterous male. What joy.

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