12/12 from seed or lowryder?

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  1. I was wondering what would be better.

    12/12 from seed or lowryder

    i would like to grow a lot in a small place (6 maybe). With short hieght, maybe 2 feet at most.

    Would it be better for me to get a strain that works well with 1 week veg and 12/12 from there on. Or should i just go with a lowryder.

    Also, there are lowryder crosses, would that be best, having the best of both worlds?

    random: does anyone know how much heat HPS gives off? i want a 400w and i was wondering how much it would heat up a closet.

    thanks for the help gc
  2. I'm curious about the first question

    as for the 400 hps mine gives off a lot of heat.. I had to do a lot of testing with fan placements to get my temperature right, I do have a pretty small area though.. How big is your space? Also I don't think 400 is enough for 6 plants, but I could be wrong.
  3. well i am getting an ounce, maybe more, or this plant i had under 4 23w lights (first it was uinder 1, then 2 then 3 and then 4 lol) so im guessing i could get a couple more and grow say 4-6 lowryders. thats 25 watts a plant basically, but it will be right on top of it, so theres no loss of light, compared to an hps which is wayyy far away and loses a lot of light.
  4. By 23wts, I take it you mean 100wt equivalent CFLs ? I have never used HPS so my advice is to be taken sparingly but I have growfriends who have used them and said they produce alot of heat, so I'd be careful.

    What kind of strain are you referring to that only has a 1wk veg period ? I know that Lowryder cross strains have been doubted by many reliable board members on other various grow forums.
  5. i heard that some strains mature faster (ak48 i think is one). because you cant go 12/12 from seed, well, you can, but it needs to veg to maturity first so theres no point, your wasting 12 hours of growth everyday. so i was saying 1 week would bridge the gap and make maturity faster than just standard 12/12.

    Yes, the 23w cfl do wonders for me. 4 of them yeilded me an ounce for first grow.
    (many mistakes: 1 bulb through first 3 weeks of veg, then 2 for another 3 weeks, then added the 3rd and son after i added a 4th. so it wasnt too steady haha, but hey, its an ounce covered in thc, not middies.)

    helps me go to sleep at night (chronic insomnia =[)

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