12/12 from seed Ok here we go // So the new thing is 12/12 from seed . If everyone

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    Ok here we go //

    So the new thing is 12/12 from seed . If everyone says it is the new way to grow. Show me Pics Please post your results..

    So if you are growing at 12/ 12 from seed show it here

    see a lot of posts on this but no one show`s an entire grow...

    Can 12/12 from seed can produce..
    the proof is in the pudding ..

    And name the strain you are growing and if you are in hydro / soil-less/or in soil say it here and show us its the shit ???

    Is 12/12 from seed better or is a veg state of 3 to 4 weeks.... then go to 12/ 12 have not or is 12/ 12 from seed doing better than an auto flowering...Or any other`s

    Well you guys are the ones to show it can be done with good results .. Is 12/ 12 from seed better than vegging 3 to 4 weeks better and faster than a regular grow at 4 weeks veg and the rest flowering so post away and say its it a fact or fiction ... You are the ones to tell us ...Thanks
  2. if you want a small yield go 12/12 the whole way if you want a bigger yield then i would veg the plant
  3. Go find a grow log..?

    You act as if its not possible, not that you would want to anyways..
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    Really? Everyone's saying that? Is this a different "everyone" than the people on this forum... because I'm not hearing anybody say anything about 12/12 from seed.

    The only person I know that's bothered to do it is here... http://forum.grasscity.com/micro-grows/610453-medical-sour-desiel-stealth-micro-grow.html... It's cool, but not what I'd recommend to someone who was looking to grow a lot of weed...

  5. Dude, ever heard of a thing called Google? Search it up. You would be suprised, there's plenty of grow journals out there. No one has to prove anything to you. :D
  6. Well if you ponder off and really read about it yea its the new thing Just because you dont see it posted here well google it then LOL and I did and thats why I ask FOOL and see if you see post like the above few you will see you are wrong LOL so there ya go
  7. Her's the deal with what you are asking. SOG is where this started from. You veg the first crop out for 4 weeks. And than place it into the 12/12 cycle. You get a lower plant and yield, but the trade off is that you get more over time.

    You can place a plant into 12/12 cycle at any point in it's growth cycle. But you are going to find out it's sex early and putting the plant back into 18/6 cycle will take 2-3 weeks.

    Hope this helps.
  8. It's not the new thing it just depends on what your trying to get out of your green. If your short on time then force flower early..simple
  9. that 1 link is what "EVERYBODY:" was talking about??? ASDV"ZX:LCV"A>DVQW#CWEFADVC

  10. Eerm...ok. Well, you're obviously not very good at using a search engine. Because there are journals and information on the first page.
    Only trying to point you in the right direction. There's no need to get shitty about it.
  11. I have done it. Takes a couple weeks for the plant to show sex anyway. Might as well be vegging.

    I found my straight to flower plant had only a single top, it yielded next to nothing. Veg for 3 weeks and flip to 12/12, or go straight to 12/12. Plant finishes on the same day.

    If you want to run a quick plant then go Auto-Flowering. The yokels at ICMag have as many good ideas as bad ones, and there are many growers there who perpetuate myths and bad advice to keep their corner on the market. It's like they figure is they can keep people from growing good bud then they stay in the game. Bunch of dealers over there. I deleted my membership months ago.

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