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  1. So I changed my mind- not doing autoflower anymore. Anyway, are there any "12/12 from seed" guys that can help me out with a nute schedule? From my understanding, the schedule that the brand name gives me does not apply to 12/12 from seed,- or does it?? Haven't ordered my nutes yet as I am still deciding.
    I'm growing a sativa dominant strain with 12/12 from seed as I have limited space (PC Grow).
    Thanks in advance
  2. I don't think doing 12/12 from seed requires a different nute schedule. You do know that a plant won't flower until it's mature regardless of the light schedule. All you are doing by going 12/12 from seed is depriving the plant of much needed light for growth.
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  3. Okay, makes sense... So I can so by normal feeding schedules right? Perfect. Thank you for clearing that up.One more question if I may- How will I know when my soil runs out of nutes, so that I can start feeding it liquid nutes? Will the plant show signs of nutrient deficiency?
  4. I grow in coco so I don't feel qualified to answer soil questions. Maybe a soil grower can chime in and answer your question.
  5. Don't really remember the 1st grow, but I usually begin 1/4 strength Nutes (Canna Terra) between 3-4 weeks after she goes into the final 5 gallon pot (75% FFOF and 25% Perlite)..I NEVER go by their schedule designed to sell you product..
    Canna is a food grade product (Too Pricey, but great imho) and I have never seen any problems as yet. Gradually bringing it up to about 75% strength as they need it..
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  6. Just googled CANNA TERRA... Very nice growguide tool they have... I only need the TerraVega and Terra Flores correct? Thinking of getting some of this.
  7. Yes..I do add Backstrap Molasses (Super cheap and feeds the soil, not the plant) and Ginormous Bud Enhancer in flower..though That Canna Boost is way to pricey for me:(
    The cheapest I have seen them is on Ebay, but only in the 5 Liter jug..(still in the mid $20 range by the single Liter, but I got a 5 l jug of Flores for $80usd Shipped fedx too!:)
    I go thru 3 times the Flores as I do Vega, since no ferts are needed with the FFOF for 3-4 weeks..I now Veg for 6-8 wks:)
  8. I started feeding when they had 4-6 nodes. I used grow big from fox farms at full strength. Works well. I watered twice between feedings. I'm into flower now with tiger bloom and big bloom and I'm happy so far
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  9. Do you wait for the soil to become completely dry? Also, how do you know when to start using bloom nutes?
  10. If you are using Canna..I go straight away after the flip..Some continue using veg for a week or so..some mix Vega with Flores, but :confused_2:
  11. Hmm, but I will be going 12/12 from seed so there will be no flip :oops:

    Also im thinking of going with Plant magic OT :) Heard some good stuff and its not as pricey as canna
  12. This 12/12 thing is really taking up alot of brain power... lol. I mean I would go for the veg - I honestly dont mind the wait - its just space I am concerned about. Im using the box of a PC case. (Built a tent to fit inside, and I store the box inside my room)
  13. Why? Longer Veg = Bigger plants=more yield..
    If you are going from seed..I suggest starting in a bland soil (not OF!) and transplanting when the leaves reach the outer circumference of the cup..then into OF which will have enough nutes for 3-4 wks..Then Bloom nutes with a lil N to keep growth going?
  14. Read comment #12 ;)
    Posted it abit late, lol
  15. I see..Maybe beat the crap out of her to keep her small..
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  16. thinking of trying a one/two week veg then hmm + some lst + topping
  17. Don't do LST or Topping on Autos.. that's my 2 cents :)
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  18. No autos here, Got me some Cinderella 99 :) Did abit of research on autos and they seem a bit dodgy.
    There was also a nute schedule for autos- was really clueless on how to use nutes on autos
    Thanks for your $0.02 though :)
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  19. @Sacha_dune Uses PM and is happy with it:)
  20. Right i just woke up and was sure I read autos somehere lol - must be dreaming of buds haha

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