12/12 From Seed, Early Flowering, And Topping Question.

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    So my first two grows turned out to be successful, however I feel topping or fim does wonders (one grow no fim, other yes, yeilded more from topped plant)

    However this third one I started 12/12 from seed, the others vegged for one month each before 12/12. This third one is about three weeks old. It is now showing pre-flowers.

    Edit:: the first posting was while waiting for my bud. I'll explain a bit more now. Im using one 50 watt hps bulb, two 42 watt cfl bulbs, one 22 watt cfl and one 26 cfl.

    My first two grows have been successful, however they grew to 3 and 5 feet. Each had one to two feet of lower stem with no bud. Im growing in a closet so thats just wasted space, because of this ive been experimenting on each grow.

    The first grow the plant grew too tall for me so I had to fim it, which turned out to be very beneficial, the second I just did hit which is useful for adjusting around the lights but didnt produce as much.

    I didnt want to waste so much space this time so I started straight into 12/12. I just didnt expect to see pre-flowers so quickly. There was no sign of sexual maturity prior and the plant is just now starting its third set of leaves.

    My orginal plan was to top when I saw signs of flowering, but as that came much sooner than expected, I dont know when to do it now.

    Im also lsting it, though this shouldnt really change anything.

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