12/12 From seed Closet grow setup help!

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  1. Hey guys, After lurking around the GC forums(Mainly Marijuana Cultivation section) and after seeing all these wonderful grows I have decided to undertake my own grow op..

    My work space is a Closet as the title informs.. The measurements are as follows.
    There's also a small plywood box on the inside that measures
    However I can remove the lid and the vertical grow room measures around 36"

    I have quite a few ideas in my head and just as many questions..

    But first here's some pictures of the closet.

    I'd love to know what you guys would do with this room..

    My Ideas. Have 3 different levels since I'll be using CFL's and 12/12 from start I don't imagine they'll grow too tall, however if they do I can train them or something..

    How many plants should I grow?
    How many watt's per level?
    Are my walls fine how they are or should I cover them in mylar?
    What Wattage CFL's should i use?

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys :)
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    I'd Remove the box, take the shelves out. put a door knob in the door as well as put a weather seal around the door (for a light trap). I'd get a 600w Dimmable/Digital Balast (both MH and HPS Bulbs) with a air cooled hood and a Scrubber/Vortex Fan Combo then hook it up so you're setup goes Scrubber>Ducting>Light hood> Ducting> Inline fan > exhaust

    Also i would buy 4mm thick panda poly and line the entire inside for a air tight seal. i'd see if i could run exhaust into the attic and then put a small vent on the bottom of the door for a passive intake.

    Should beable to fit two to four plants in that area.

    It all depends on how big you really wanna go, what i suggested would be the best yielding option i believe. Doing 12/12 from seed will not yield as much per time growing as vegging for a few weeks first.

    should get about 4oz per plant.
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    Well, I failed to mention earlier that I'd like to do some type of SoG and without light proofing within that area the easiest way to do it would just be to 12/12 it all the way around.

    I don't necessarily need tons at a single harvest but it spread out over a few smaller harvests would be perfect.

    With my plants being on 12/12 couldn't I have a lot more than 4 plants in that area?

    Not sure if true but I've heard that smaller plants grown properly will produce more yield for the area than like 2 huge guys.. Just speculation however..

    *edit*Haha now you've got me looking at that 600w light...... >.> *edit*
  4. well, to be honest if you flip 12/12 after seed you wouldn't need very big pots, just alot of small ones since the rootsystem won't have all that time to develop. a sea of green is kind of a risky way of growing since penalitys for getting caught increase with the amount of plants you have. i'd say you could fit four 5 gallon buckets in there with a 600w and harvest probably 350-450grams dried every 3-4 months. I'd think a sea of green would be harder to do than just Screen of green for 4 plants. Plus side is you don't have to run it constantly, you could grow a harvest and then stop and sit on your bud till you are low then start again. again, it would be safer incase you get found you are not producing marijuana you simply have some and own a neat gardening closet ;D
  5. Heading out had time to read your response. Really appreciate you taking time to respond and theory craft with me :).. Will edit later with more
  6. Looking forward to it
  7. Being that it is my first real grow I think I'll go with your idea on the 4 plants. Do you think it would be worth grabbing like 4 bubble buckets for this setup? Or should I just stay simple and use soil?

    Also.. Best way to mount lights.. Like my walls are made of sheetrock.. Are there any stands I could use to hang the lights from?

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